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Releasing: October 17, 2016

"Legends of Callasia’s first expansion pack is here, centered around a new playable Faction: the Dwarves, also known as the Stoneborne.

As the Great Callasian War rages above, and more and more factions are drawn into the conflict, the Stoneborne have decided the time is ripe to retreat to their ancestral homelands deeper in the earth in the hollow cavern kingdoms of The Great Dark. What horrors, adventures, and treasures shall they find in these ancient lands? Only the bravest and stoutest warriors will ever know.

The new DLC contains as much content as 1/3 of the main game."

It includes a new 10-level single-player campaign, 11 heroes, new and improved units, a new enemy faction, 20 new multiplayer maps, and over 20 new cards.

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