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LEGO The Lord of the Rings (Credits)

Traveller's Tales

Jon BurtonCompany Director
Jon BurtonDesign Director
Dave DootsonStudio Manager
James CunliffeLEGO Integration Director
Jeremy PardonHead of Animation
Leon WarrenHead of Art
Paul FlanaganHead of Production
Dave DootsonHead of Programming
Game Team
Jon BurtonGame Director
James McLoughlinGame Director
Paul FlanaganSenior Project Manager
Daniel McCreadieAssistant Game Director
Daniel CrossleyProject Manager
Steve HardingHead of Game Programming
Chris StanforthHead of Game Mechanics
Alistair CroweHead of Technology
David WhittakerHead of Audio
Paul MunroHead of In-Game Animation
Nicola DalyLead Environment Artist
Robert DickersonLead Technical Artist
David WollenLead Construction Artist
Helen KershawLead In-Game Animator
David BrownCinematics Animation Director
Phil Gray2nd Unit Director
Bill MartinCinematics Production
Neil CroftsLead Character Artist
Charles McNairLead LEGO Model Artist
Mike SnowdonLead VFX Artist
Rob JenkinsLead Concept/2D Artist
Ben KlagesAssociate Lead, Game Programming
Paul ConnorAssociate Lead, Game Mechanics
Mark CraneAssociate Lead In-Game Animator
Tom JohnsonJunior Project Coordinator
Alex BradshawJunior Project Coordinator
Katie-Jane MorrisCinematic Production Assistant
Toby EverettDesigner
Andrew HoltDesigner
Dewi RobertsDesigner
Mark BidewellGame Programmer
Nick CunliffeGame Programmer
Steve HardingGame Programmer
Michael JacksonGame Programmer
Alex KitchingGame Programmer
Ben KlagesGame Programmer
John NewtonGame Programmer
Glen PepperGame Programmer
John HodskinsonAdditional Game Programmer
Mike BattersbyLevel Construction Artist
Katie ClagueLevel Construction Artist
Stuart Deakin-BerryLevel Construction Artist
Paul DobsonLevel Construction Artist
Stuart JacksonLevel Construction Artist
Ryszard MomotLevel Construction Artist
Sam OwenLevel Construction Artist
Martin PalmerLevel Construction Artist
Przemyslaw PrzybylskiLevel Construction Artist
Michael RobertsLevel Construction Artist
Barry ThompsonLevel Construction Artist
Cheng XiangLevel Construction Artist
Neil AllenLead LEGO Construction Artist
Liam FlemingLEGO Construction Artist
Keith ShanklandLEGO Construction Artist
Chris VaughanLEGO Construction Artist
David BurtonAdditional Construction Artist
Deborah CrookAdditional Construction Artist
Finn AllenEnvironment Artist
Guy AveryEnvironment Artist
John BakisEnvironment Artist
Alan DooleyEnvironment Artist
Dominic GilesEnvironment Artist
Stuart HealdEnvironment Artist
Jonathan HooperEnvironment Artist
Andy IngramEnvironment Artist
Stephen IonsEnvironment Artist
Andrzej KrajewskiEnvironment Artist
Paul McCormackEnvironment Artist
Evan MorrisonEnvironment Artist
Stuart NiblcokEnvironment Artist
Duncan PhillpottsEnvironment Artist
Richard WalkerEnvironment Artist
Elliot WhittakerEnvironment Artist
David HoyeAdditional Environment Artist
Craig LewisAdditional Environment Artist
Neil CroftsCharacter Artist
Sean DudleyCharacter Artist
Adam EsatCharacter Artist
Holly PickeringCharacter Artist
Will ThompsonCharacter Artist
Thomas ColemanLEGO Model Artist
Rob CurtisLEGO Model Artist
Carl GreatrixLEGO Model Artist
Jeff HattonLEGO Model Artist
Charles McNairLEGO Model Artist
Amador Alfaro MarcillaAdditional LEGO Model Artist
Ramon Alfaro MarcillaAdditional LEGO Model Artist
Steven MarshallAdditional LEGO Model Artist
Thomas LittonVFX Artist
Steven DeSykesConept/2D Artist
Tim WebsterConept/2D Artist
Kürsté BythellIn-Game Animator
Opinder Singh ChaggarIn-Game Animator
Mark CraneIn-Game Animator
Jonathan HallIn-Game Animator
Dale HemenwayIn-Game Animator
Dean JamesIn-Game Animator
Simon JamesIn-Game Animator
Helen KershawIn-Game Animator
Paul MunroIn-Game Animator
Tom ParkinIn-Game Animator
James StuartIn-Game Animator
Stuart WilsonIn-Game Animator
Emma CarlssonAdditional In-Game Animation
Robin FrenchAdditional In-Game Animation
Richie GreeneAdditional In-Game Animation
James HobartAdditional In-Game Animation
Charlie HopkinsAdditional In-Game Animation
Bryn RichardsAdditional In-Game Animation
Christian SmithAdditional In-Game Animation
Chris WoodworthAdditional In-Game Animation
Antony ManleyCharacter Rigging
Darren VaileCharacter Rigging
Stuart WilsonCharacter Rigging
David BrownScript Adaptation
Phil AskinsCinematics Layout Artist
Robin FrenchCinematics Layout Artist
Phil GrayCinematics Layout Artist
Tony PerrinCinematics Layout Artist
Paul SalmonCinematics Layout Artist
Christian SmithCinematics Layout Artist
Leo TierneyCinematics Layout Artist
Phil AskinsCinematics Animator
Kevin BrennanCinematics Animator
Alex BrownCinematics Animator
Emma CarlssonCinematics Animator
Thomas CroftsCinematics Animator
Christopher EvansCinematics Animator
Victoria EvansCinematics Animator
Robin FrenchCinematics Animator
Phil GrayCinematics Animator
Richard GreeneCinematics Animator
James HobartCinematics Animator
Charlie HopkinsCinematics Animator
David MartinezCinematics Animator
Florie PoucinCinematics Animator
Bryn RichardsCinematics Animator
Aran SaundersCinematics Animator
Bob H. ScottCinematics Animator
Christian SmithCinematics Animator
Andy UnsworthCinematics Animator
Chris WoodworthCinematics Animator
Andrew LathamAdditional Cinematic Animation
Michael CummingsTechnical Animator
David MartinezTechnical Animator
Mudasir AhmedGame Mechanics Programmer
Mohammed BakhshGame Mechanics Programmer
Scott BevinGame Mechanics Programmer
Paul ConnorGame Mechanics Programmer
James DouglasGame Mechanics Programmer
Mark EngleyGame Mechanics Programmer
Ralph FerneyhoughGame Mechanics Programmer
Simon LeverGame Mechanics Programmer
Jose MendezGame Mechanics Programmer
Chris PayneGame Mechanics Programmer
Glyn ScraggGame Mechanics Programmer
Ian SimpsonGame Mechanics Programmer
Mike SpencerGame Mechanics Programmer
Chris StanforthGame Mechanics Programmer
Tom VernonGame Mechanics Programmer
Simon WardGame Mechanics Programmer
Roland HougsLead Tools Programmer
Lukas BuricinTools Programmer
Matt HillTools Programmer
Paul HunterTools Programmer
Alan MurtaTools Programmer
Jonathan MayerTools Programmer
Tom McCainTools Programmer
James CunliffeTools Scripting
Neil DorringtonTools Scripting
Przemyslaw PrzybylskiTools Scripting
Cheng XiangTools Scripting
Dave ConnellLead Render Technology Programmer
Jon ArdenRender Technology Programmer
John BellRender Technology Programmer
Alistair BrownRender Technology Programmer
Vassilis PoulopoulosRender Technology Programmer
Jamie WitherRender Technology Programmer
Simon BrownLead Game Technology
Callum BrightingGame Technology Programmer
Tim GradwellGame Technology Programmer
Matthew PhillipsGame Technology Programmer
Colin WilsonGame Technology Programmer
Chris HallidayLead Simulation Programmer
Rob ChinneckSimulation Programmer
Andrew DaviesSimulation Programmer
Pete OpdamSimulation Programmer
Richard CrockfordAdditional Technology
Ray DonnellyAdditional Technology
Paul "Paulie" HughesAdditional Technology
Ken MacLeodAdditional Technology
Dan OppenheimAdditional Technology
Luke HattonSound Designer
Mike LeaningSound Designer
Stefan RutherfordJunior Sound Designer
Rob WestwoodOriginal Music for "LEGO: The Lord of the Rings" Composer
Paul LockyerIT
Andrew "Woody" WoodIT
Sam BurtonSpecial Thanks
Ben BurtonSpecial Thanks
Helen BurtonSpecial Thanks
Helen CunliffeSpecial Thanks
Jacob CunliffeSpecial Thanks
Sarah CunliffeSpecial Thanks
Francesca CharlesworthSpecial Thanks
Donna, Molly, Grace, & Mary-Kate
Michelle, Kyle & Jack x
Laura WarrenSpecial Thanks
Ryan WarrenSpecial Thanks
Kiera WarrenSpecial Thanks
Helen & Daisy
Fiona StanforthSpecial Thanks
Emily StanforthSpecial Thanks
Peaches StanforthSpecial Thanks
Luke WilliamsSpecial Thanks
Lily ParsonsSpecial Thanks
Sue WollenSpecial Thanks
Ben WollenSpecial Thanks
Ashley HallSpecial Thanks
Oscar HallSpecial Thanks
Adrienne, Evie & Hermione
Sarah, Ava & Molly
Vicki OrmistonSpecial Thanks
Dave OrmistonSpecial Thanks
Amy ClarkeSpecial Thanks
Frank NiblockSpecial Thanks
Cath NiblockSpecial Thanks
Lee NiblockSpecial Thanks
Jane MartinSpecial Thanks
Karen IgayaSpecial Thanks
James BrownSpecial Thanks
Laurence BrownSpecial Thanks
Sophie TyrrellSpecial Thanks
McKennor Mills-HoltSpecial Thanks
James Mills-HoltSpecial Thanks
Norman Mills-HoltSpecial Thanks
Amanda, Jasmine & Luis
Stella ConnorSpecial Thanks
Joe ConnorSpecial Thanks
Jessie ConnorSpecial Thanks
Emma & George
Ben MilesSpecial Thanks
Gemma WalshSpecial Thanks
Shamim BakhshSpecial Thanks
Katie SolaruSpecial Thanks
Bridget DawtonSpecial Thanks
Trevor DawtonSpecial Thanks
Ben DawtonSpecial Thanks
Florie PoucinSpecial Thanks
Sherry & Bareera
Sally HegenbarthSpecial Thanks
Abby LeeSpecial Thanks
Sian TinsleySpecial Thanks
Gemo WainwrightSpecial Thanks
Davey BythellSpecial Thanks
Joe, Ben, Ste & Den & Hannah
Kaye BrownSpecial Thanks
Ruth, Matilda & Martha
Stephanie PoyntzSpecial Thanks
Richard StevensSpecial Thanks
Andrew QuinnSpecial Thanks
Sofia JimenezSpecial Thanks
Familia Mendez
Jamie ClancySpecial Thanks
Lesley PickeringSpecial Thanks
Scott PickeringSpecial Thanks
Dawn KnappSpecial Thanks
Gordon KnappSpecial Thanks
Carrie SmithSpecial Thanks
Charlotte EnstonSpecial Thanks
Danielle NewtonSpecial Thanks
James NewtonSpecial Thanks
Mariusz WlodarczykSpecial Thanks
Rebecca MurtaSpecial Thanks
Susannah MurtaSpecial Thanks
Carl MurtaSpecial Thanks
Justine & Lauren
Jacqueline ChinneckSpecial Thanks
Katy CarlisleSpecial Thanks
Fay JacksonSpecial Thanks
Stephanie MackleSpecial Thanks
Maria LinesSpecial Thanks
Jessica DickersonSpecial Thanks
Alejandra de LeivaSpecial Thanks
Alexandra ChaffatSpecial Thanks
Lucas HallidaySpecial Thanks
Ling Ling, Yiyi & Leo
Amy & Baby Emily
Margaret ClagueSpecial Thanks
Alan ClagueSpecial Thanks
Andy LyneSpecial Thanks
Gwen MewisSpecial Thanks
Sarah, Ethan, Ariana & David
Rachel ThompsonSpecial Thanks
Emily ThompsonSpecial Thanks
Becky PierceSpecial Thanks
Kym EdwardsSpecial Thanks
Andrew "Woody" WoodSpecial Thanks
Simone EdwardsSpecial Thanks
Marcus EdwardsSpecial Thanks
Elena EdwardsSpecial Thanks
Laurence OpdamSpecial Thanks
Anouk OpdamSpecial Thanks
Alison ScraggSpecial Thanks
Evan ScraggSpecial Thanks
Holly ScraggSpecial Thanks
Esther, Luci, Cayden & Jack
Karen, Henry, Arthur, Damon & Isabel
Helen WitherSpecial Thanks
George WitherSpecial Thanks
Harry WitherSpecial Thanks
Becky FerneyhoughSpecial Thanks
Imogen FerneyhoughSpecial Thanks
Thomas FerneyhoughSpecial Thanks
Peter HolmesSpecial Thanks
Helen GradwellSpecial Thanks
Connor GradwellSpecial Thanks
Jacqueline BakisSpecial Thanks
Tara BakisSpecial Thanks
Renee BakisSpecial Thanks
Max BakisSpecial Thanks
Jen Deakin-BerrySpecial Thanks
Maddie Deakin-BerrySpecial Thanks
Lottie Deakin-BerrySpecial Thanks
Rachelle FryattSpecial Thanks
Very Special Thanks
Claire House Children's HospiceVery Special Thanks (Support Company)
Lewis HaynesVery Special Thanks
Connor HillVery Special Thanks
Dan LloydVery Special Thanks
Sam LloydVery Special Thanks
Tom LloydVery Special Thanks
Aaron WebbVery Special Thanks

TT Games Publishing

Tom StoneManaging Director
Jonathan SmithHead of Production
Nick RicksExecutive Producer
Matt EllisonAssociate Producer
Sam DelaneyProduction Assistant
Loz DoyleAdditional Production
Vincent GroganAdditional Production
Phill RingAdditional Production
Tim WilemanAdditional Production
Gareth SpencerSenior Quality Assurance Manager
Alex FrazerQuality Assurance Manager
Reuben GillQuality Assurance Support
Tom BrownQuality Assurance Project Lead
Geoff CoffinQuality Assurance Project Lead
Paul LongleyQuality Assurance Project Lead
Pablo González LópezQuality Assurance Compliance Lead
Robbie MalcolmsonQuality Assurance Compliance Lead
Mark WarburtonQuality Assurance Compliance Lead
Tim WilemanQuality Assurance Compliance Lead
Simon WhiteQuality Assurance Senior Tester
Ben HallingQuality Assurance Senior Tester
Kimberley ArnoldQualty Assurance Tester
Stephen AustinQualty Assurance Tester
Alexandra BanksQualty Assurance Tester
Steve BrennonQualty Assurance Tester
James BurtQualty Assurance Tester
Matt BurtonQualty Assurance Tester
Andrew CarlsonQualty Assurance Tester
Nathen ClarkeQualty Assurance Tester
Mike ConsalveyQualty Assurance Tester
Lisa CumminsQualty Assurance Tester
Mike DeanQualty Assurance Tester
Oliver DeweyQualty Assurance Tester
Sam DochertyQualty Assurance Tester
Jacob DunnQualty Assurance Tester
Jonathan FrithQualty Assurance Tester
David GeesonQualty Assurance Tester
Andrew GoldingQualty Assurance Tester
Emma HaleyQualty Assurance Tester
Beckie HeatonQualty Assurance Tester
James HillQualty Assurance Tester
Delyan IvanovQualty Assurance Tester
Jonathan JaceviciusQualty Assurance Tester
Tim LargeQualty Assurance Tester
Philip MayQualty Assurance Tester
Dawn McDiarmidQualty Assurance Tester
Ryan McKindleQualty Assurance Tester
Paul MooreQualty Assurance Tester
Steven NattrassQualty Assurance Tester
Andrew NicholsonQualty Assurance Tester
Simon OrmistonQualty Assurance Tester
Adam ParkerQualty Assurance Tester
Andrew PickeringQualty Assurance Tester
David RutherfordQualty Assurance Tester
Daniel ScottQualty Assurance Tester
Craig SmithQualty Assurance Tester
Lee SparkesQualty Assurance Tester
Chris StanilandQualty Assurance Tester
Katie StreetQualty Assurance Tester
Christopher WinchQualty Assurance Tester
Mark WhiteQualty Assurance Tester
Stacey WhittakerQualty Assurance Tester
Dzan WongQualty Assurance Tester
Graham StarkLocalization Manager
Raphaël McCreadieSenior Localization Tester
Maria PampinSenior Localization Tester
Giuseppe PrencipeLocalization Tester
Christine SchusterLocalization Tester
Fabio SticcaLocalization Tester
Steffen TroldtoftLocalization Tester
Guy AtkinsonFinance Director
Mike WyreFinancial Controller
David WanManagement Accountant
Jack CloggAdditional Quality Assurance
Emily RicksAdditional Quality Assurance
Thomas RicksAdditional Quality Assurance
Ben SmithAdditional Quality Assurance
Sam SmithAdditional Quality Assurance
Toby SmithAdditional Quality Assurance

LEGO® Company

Jesper VilstrupVice President of Digital Business
Hanne T. OdegaardDirector of Digital Business
Darryl KelleySenior Development Manager
Micki FjeldgaardDevelopment Manager
Pernille PasgaardSenior Marketing Manager
Sten Funder LysdahlMarketing Manager
Joakim Korner NielsenDesign Manager
Amanda SantoroAssistant Brand Relations Manager
Jacob AgertoftAssistant Marketing Manager
Janni Langkjaer PedersenAssistant Marketing Manager
Euphonious Ltd. (Support Company)
Dimitris PlagiannisEuphonious Ltd.
Hermann RauthEuphonious Ltd.
Raymond UsherEuphonious Ltd.

WB Games - duplicate

David AbramsProducer
Kirsten GavoniExecutive Producer
Peter WyseVice President, Production
Jamie O'Brian-MooreProduction Administrator
Shay GipsonProduction Assistant
John MayoVice President, Product Development, Tolkien Franchise
Adam FriedbergRating Specialist
Jacob TroxellSubmission Specialist, First Party Operations
Steven WrightSubmission Specialist, First Party Operations
Gregory WuManager, First Party Operations
Wendy BozziManager, First Party Operations
Baki AllenDirector, First Party Operations
Talent, Music, Rights & Clearances
Karen FishmanDirector, Talent Relations
Alicia SpragueCoordinator, Talent & Music
Jane ElmsManager, Rights & Clearances
Arien DarbyMarketing Coordinator
Lindsay WilsonMarketing Associate
Evelyn IcarroManager, Brand Marketing
Jennifer GeorgeDirector, Brand Marketing
Deron FieldsSenior Manager, Marketing Services & Events
Laura GrantManager, Events
Barrington GoinesCoordinator, Events
Janci MorimotoCoordinator, Marketing Assets
Buwon TranExecutive Director, Consumer Insights
Tia ChristiansonDirector, Consumer Insights
Stephanie JohnsonVice President, Brand Marketing
Public Relations
Monica AlbertPR Representative
Joy FoxManager, PR
Kehau RodenhurstSenior Manager, PR
Remi SklarVice President, PR
Jennifer GutierrezAdditional PR
Information Technology
Adrian DuPreDirector of Information Technology
Amanda HardimanManager of Information Technology, Desktop
Joshua LeBowSenior Systems Engineer
Aaron BockelieSenior System Administrator
Curtis DowneySenior System Administrator
Spencer MaiersSenior System Administrator
Stephen K. HeedIT Security Engineer
Dion BaldwinTechnology Asset Manager
Marvin BrownSystem/Network Technician
Eric KettwigSystem/Network Technician
Michael 'Lurch' RobinsonSystem/Network Technician
RJ KnueppelSystem/Network Technician
Randi CowettProduction Coordinator, Systems
Penny ArmstrongSales - US
Paula CookSales - US
Monique DoubetSales - US
Sharon GambleSales - US
Echo GreenSales - US
Dana LariveeSales - US
Daphne LambSales - US
Monica Loya-ClarkeSales - US
Greg MuchaSales - US
Amy RobertsSales - US
Carl SteeleSales - US
Rasmus FahraeusSales - Canada
Daniel SutherlandSales - Canada
Joaquin ColinoSales - Mexico
Luis Hernandez JimenezSales - Mexico
Bernadette NimsounManager, Trade Marketing
Steven HoseyManager, Trade Marketing
Diana BredenbergSales Planning & Analysis
Chris HughesSales Planning & Analysis
Mat PiscatellaSales Planning & Analysis
David StrandSales Planning & Analysis
Gail ArceneauxManager, Sales Communications
Julie McDanielDirector, Business Administration & Partner Relations
Blake HennonDirector, Trade Marketing
Anne MarkoVice President, Trade Marketing & Sales Admin
Kevin KebodeauxSenior Vice President, Sales Americas
Michael LeonDirector, Developer Relations & Acquisitions, WBHEG
Scott JohnsonVice President, Business Development
Jennifer StumpDeputy General Counsel
Steve ChalkVice President, Finance
Russell AronsSenior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing
Samantha RyanSenior Vice President, Production & Development
Debra BakerSVP, Global Business Development, WBHEG
Olivier WolffSenior Vice President, Games, EU
Martin TremblayPresident
EMEA Regional Office
Olivier WolffSVP International, Games
Hester WoodliffeVP, Marketing - International
Amy FrenchPA to Hester Woodliffe
Rob LightbodyProduct Manager, EMEA
Jo FeatherstoneMarketing Manager, EMEA
Julie SkinnerPR Manager, EMEA
Charlie FortescueSenior PR Executive, EMEA
Zoë TaylorJunior Manager Creative Services & Localization, EMEA
Rhydian BallCreative Intern
Michael LewisMarketing/PR Intern
Annette FlemingDirector Supply Chain, EMEA
Jon BroadbridgeSupply Chain Manager, Games
Matthew MarshallDirector, International Finance
APAC Regional Office
Mark AubreyDirector, Sales & Marketing APAC
Joel GrahamManager, Public Relations APAC
Khemany OukSenior Product Marketing Manager APAC
Nick WongSenior Product Marketing Manager APAC
Douglas Conrad HiltonNational Account Manager
Carolyn BlackwoodSpecial Thanks
Susannah ScottSpecial Thanks
Roisin CartySpecial Thanks
Middle-Earth Enterprieses (Support Company)
Fredrica DrotosFranchise Development
Sam BensonProduction Services
Joe MandragonaProduction Services
Al BendichSpecial Thanks
Frank NoonanSpecial Thanks
Paul ZaentzSpecial Thanks
Skylark SoundDialogue Recorded at (Support Company)
Cam ClarkeVoice-Over Director
Ned LottVoice-Over Director
Rita KedineogluEngineer
Howard ShoreMusic Composer
Philippa BoyensMusic Composer
Frances WalshMusic Composer
Intl. Dubbing & Subtitling, WB Tech Ops
Alex JohnsonLocalization Manager
Sylvia GladstoneLocalization Coordinator
Erick LeroyLocalization Coordinator
Catherine FrizatDirecotr, Dubbing & Subtitling

LEGO The Lord of the Rings

74 /100

Released: 2012

Based on The Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy, LEGO The Lord of the Rings follows the original storylines of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and The...