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RealLonesamurais Review [9.0/10]

RealLonesamurai created

A beautiful homage to the memory of Final Fantasy 8 (my personal fave) and helps get us over FF8 not aging well in 20 years With amazingly beautiful character and creature designs, beautifully painted backdrops and a surprisingly good, if a little long winded, story, this is perfect if you miss the old school FF style of game before they went a...

LucasWoodals Review [9.0/10]

LucasWoodal created

This game pays tribute to the old school JRPG classics. However there are plenty of things wrong with it as well as plenty of amazing things too. Nothing in life is perfect and neither is this game. First off the combat system is hit or miss, literally and figuratively. Some people enjoy it, some people dont. Think of super mario RPG attack styl...

Ika_BakaKus Review [10.0/10]

Ika_BakaKu created

This game brings me back to my classic PS1 days! SO much YES! I spent a good amount of time waiting for a rpg/jrpg that could excite me on levels that most newer generations of games seem to lack. Legrand Legacy has restored my faith in rpgs and I can't get enough of the content it offers. The battles are nice and challenging with the different...