Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

Genre: Adventure, Point-and-click

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This is an adventure game in which players follow the exploits of Larry Lovage in a quest to save his uncles' movie studio from saboteurs. As Larry tries to identify the "mole" inside his uncle's vast studio lot, he pursues the affections of dozens of women along the way. The game contains frequent sexual references and innuendo, usually delivered with a tongue-and-cheek style that aims to be humorous: There are jokes about masturbation, penis size, bestiality, inflatable sheep, lesbians, oral sex, and pornography (e.g., "I had to retire from porn, it became too much – I couldn't swallow it any more"); everyday objects and environmental features (e.g., statues, cacti, architecture) are sometimes stylized to resemble male genitalia or breasts; players can take photos of females kissing, moaning, and rubbing themselves or each other, then hearing comments about the snapshots (e.g., "That one even gave the camera w*od"). Several females are depicted from low/close-up angles, have exaggerated breast-sizes, and wear clothing that reveals deep cleavage or portions of their buttocks. Although the game contains no explicit nudity or sexual scenes, there are occasional depictions of phallic sex toys and the sounds of women moaning in the background. Some of the over-the-top humor also contains references to getting "stoned" and being spiked with Rohypnol, a date rape drug (e.g., "Was I roofied? Is my...bleeding?"). Players can hear frequent profanity (e.g., "f*ck,""sh*t," and "p*ssy") as well as some less conventional terms (e.g., "c*ntsplices" and "c*nterbalance") in the dialogue. During the course of the game, players can hit zombies with a shovel, engage in brief hand-to-hand combat against enemy goons, and shoot bandits with a pistol on a western movie set. When players enter a haunted mansion, they can see bloodstains and severed limbs and torsos on a table.

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