How many days until Lemmings Paintball release date?

Game is already released

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Unlike most of the other Lemmings games, it does not use a side-scrolling perspective but instead an isometric view of the levels. The gameplay is also very different from other Lemmings games, focusing on splattering enemies with paint from a gun. The levels contain various puzzles including moving platforms, lemming catapults, and trampolines. Objects available in the game include: Duplicator: Can be used to create additional lemmings up to the maximum amount of four. Can also replace lemmings killed in action. Switch: Can be used to open and close gates, lower platforms and so on. Gate: Gates block certain areas in a level. They can be opened using a switch or key. Keys can be found in exploding crates. Exploding crate: Contain a key or a catapult. Balloon: Can be used to transport a lemming through the air from one specific location to another.