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Lemonade Tycoon, first released as Lemonade Inc., is a Shockwave-based game. A free, limited version is available for online play at many sites or the full version with no time restrictions can be purchased online. The goal of Lemonade Tycoon is to sell lemonade for profit.

While selling lemonade, players must look over many aspects of their business. Players decide on a recipe, set prices, and sell lemonade in a variety of locations. The game includes changing weather and news, which the player must compensate for. To overcome some factors, such as long lines and stock, players can buy upgrades. The packaged version included versions for PC, Mobile Phones, Windows Mobile Professional devices, and Palm devices. Lemonade Tycoon employs a concept called "Game-On" which allows users to transfer game saves from a Windows PC to a Palm handheld or Windows Mobile Professional device and back again to continue.

While Lemonade Tycoon is compatible with multiple platforms, the game differs slightly on each. The Windows version allows more details and info because of a larger screen. Locations had a much bigger view and other versions had to deal with a smaller screen. They did not include as much information as the PC. Areas would be cut down so only a portion could be seen. Each platform, however, is not limited in usability and functionality. Lemonade Tycoon 2: New York Edition is also available on Mac OS X, published by MacPlay.

The last update (1.1.9) was called Lemonade Tycoon Deluxe because it included some new levels and a slightly better UI. In 2009 Electronic Arts published an iPhone version of Lemonade Tycoon.


Game Modes
Lemonade Tycoon includes three game modes; Career, Challenge and Champion. Career mode lets the player have a stand for as long as they want. Challenge mode had a 30-day limit to see how fast your stand can grow within the period of time.

In order to be able to sell lemonade, players have to buy supplies, which include ice, lemons, sugar, and cups.

Sales and Advertisement
The player has the option to advertise in Lemonade Tycoon. Every day, the player can pay an advertising fee with different choices in advertising being available. Advertising increases the number of potential customers.

Lemonade Tycoon features many upgrades that are available at different prices. Some reduce wait times, some improve visibility, some make ice, etc. Stand upgrades allow more storage and customer capacity. There are also employees, a cashier, and a clown, which charge daily for reducing wait times and increasing patience, respectively.

There are five different locations where one can move your stand. Some places are more popular than others. Each location has a different rent. Each location has satisfaction and popularity. Popularity changes as the player's stand gets more popular. Good satisfaction and advertising bring more customers. Satisfaction ensures that customers will come back to the stand. If there are short lines, there are good prices, the player serves all customers rather than them leaving, and the player has a good recipe, the player's customer satisfaction will go up. With the increase of satisfaction, customers will come back to a player's stand. Satisfaction and popularity are location based. They do not travel with you as you move from location to location.

Game Factors
There are many News Headlines that change how well lemonade is sold. Some headlines can improve your business and some that can hurt your business. Headlines change every game day and can sometimes only affect a single location. Weather affects how well lemonade is sold as well. Warm and hot days bring more customers to stand than on cold, rainy days. The weather changes each day and does not seem to follow predictable patterns.

Lemonade Stock Exchange (LSX)
The Lemonade Stock Exchange was an online feature that let one see how one's stand compared to others.


Best Pocket PC Strategy Game (2002 Pocket PC Magazine's Best Products Awards)
Applied uses
Learning Planet, an educational website, created the original version of the game for teaching economics and resource management for its students. The LearningPlanet.com version of Lemonade Tycoon is visually different but functionally identical to the other iterations of the game.