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Limbo (Credits)


Arnt JensenCreator and Director
Dino PattiExecutive Producer
Mads WibroeProducer
Morten C. BramsenArt
Martin Stig AndersenSound Designer and Composer
Thomas KrogBoy Programming & Animation
Jeppe CarlsenLead Gameplay Designer
Peter BuchardtDesign & Scripting
Laurids Thalund BinderupDesign & Scripting
Jakob HanssonDesign & Scripting
Steven PoulsenDesign & Scripting
Kristian KjemsProgrammer
Monty MelbyeProgrammer
Søren Trautner MadsenProgrammer
Kim Steen RiberProgrammer
Jakob Schou JensenProgrammer
Daniel PovlsenProgrammer
Erik Rodrigues PedersenProgrammer
Poul-Jesper OlsenProgrammer
Steen LundProgrammer
Lars Peter G. ChristiansenProgrammer
Ebbe G.H. BrandstrupProgrammer
Esben Lundsager HansenProgrammer
Thomas RiisbjergProgrammer
Gorm LaiProgrammer
Stine SørensenAnimator
Daniel TraunLead Tester
Michael MaglingLead Tester
Finn NielsenTechnical Production Consultant
Ahmed Al AqtashGameplay Tester
Anders HøjstedGameplay Tester
Andreas Normand GrøntvedGameplay Tester
Anders Norddal JendersenGameplay Tester
Anthon JensenGameplay Tester
Benjamin MaGameplay Tester
Bo BertelsenGameplay Tester
Caspar StrandbygaardGameplay Tester
Christian KornumGameplay Tester
Christa MatzauGameplay Tester
Christian KløveGameplay Tester
Christian SchubertGameplay Tester
Christopher ThistedGameplay Tester
Daniel EskildsenGameplay Tester
Daniel LauritzenGameplay Tester
Daniella DreierGameplay Tester
Elvis AlistarGameplay Tester
Erling OttoGameplay Tester
Frederik HermundGameplay Tester
Frederik Buus SauerGameplay Tester
Gabriel BrodersenGameplay Tester
Geer RiftGameplay Tester
Gustav Løvendahl SørensenGameplay Tester
Hans Henrik HvoslefGameplay Tester
Hans Von Knut SkovfogedGameplay Tester
Henrik Bo Hoffmann CarlsenGameplay Tester
Henrik Skov JakobsenGameplay Tester
Hussein AbbasGameplay Tester
Jacob BundgaardGameplay Tester
Jacob Baagøe FredeløkkeGameplay Tester
Jacob KindbergGameplay Tester
Jamal A. KhanGameplay Tester
Jeppe Kilberg MøllerGameplay Tester
Jeppe NorskerGameplay Tester
Jesper Krogh KristiansenGameplay Tester
Jesper NielsenGameplay Tester
Johannes HansenGameplay Tester
Johnny Overgaaed HaarupGameplay Tester
Jonas LarsenGameplay Tester
Kasper FuggerGameplay Tester
Keith GondweGameplay Tester
Kenneth HarderGameplay Tester
Kenneth NørbakGameplay Tester
Kenny LaffrenzenGameplay Tester
Kim EtzerodtGameplay Tester
Kim KraghGameplay Tester
Kim SvendsenGameplay Tester
Klaus Holt JensenGameplay Tester
Kristian HedeholmGameplay Tester
Kristian W. TorgardGameplay Tester
Lars Erik T. KristiansenGameplay Tester
Lasse HerbstGameplay Tester
Lucas DechowGameplay Tester
Mads NielsenGameplay Tester
Magnus PoppelGameplay Tester
Martin KorffGameplay Tester
Martin Black JørgensenGameplay Tester
Martin Nebelong HenningsenGameplay Tester
Matias AlbertsenGameplay Tester
Mathilde WeienGameplay Tester
Mikael Valsted SørensenGameplay Tester
Mikkel BohøjGameplay Tester
Mikkel Al-DookhiGameplay Tester
Mikki RonnenbergGameplay Tester
Mirko ScherfGameplay Tester
Morten KeblovszkiGameplay Tester
Nikolaj WendtGameplay Tester
Nils Iver HoltarGameplay Tester
Patricia BiolziGameplay Tester
Peter Bom JensenGameplay Tester
Peter Dahl Ejby JensenGameplay Tester
Peter OlsenGameplay Tester
Philip ConcilladoGameplay Tester
Rasmus LønneGameplay Tester
Rasmus Raakjær VindGameplay Tester
Rasmus SteinmetzGameplay Tester
Redouane MehkloufGameplay Tester
René Kielsgaard HansenGameplay Tester
Sara Victor HansenGameplay Tester
Simon AltschulerGameplay Tester
Simon Uhl NielsenGameplay Tester
Stefan N. HoffmannGameplay Tester
Stefan N. FriisGameplay Tester
Steven G. PoulsenGameplay Tester
Stinus Møhl ThomsenGameplay Tester
Sune Svanborg SørensenGameplay Tester
Søren BeierGameplay Tester
Søren Vinther PoulsenGameplay Tester
Tam Gleerup TorstvedGameplay Tester
Tazio CoolidgeGameplay Tester
Thomas Brinch PedersenGameplay Tester
Thomas Christian DehnGameplay Tester
Tim Michell AndersenGameplay Tester
Tobias JacobsenGameplay Tester
Toke Uthaug RasmussenGameplay Tester
Tom HastjarjantoGameplay Tester
Tom Mørk ChristensenGameplay Tester
Ulrik Kühl JosefsenGameplay Tester
Vincent AppelGameplay Tester
William ChristensenGameplay Tester
Xavier LafontGameplay Tester
Alex ChapmanLegal Counsel
Kim G. HansenLegal Counsel
Vincent ScheurerLegal Counsel
Rasmus Hoffery NielsenLegal Counsel
Michael KarlsenAdministration and Business Development Assistance
Eddiemae JukesPR
Ryan Morgan (I)PR
Anna SweetSteam Contact
Matt NickersonSteam Contact
John BartkiwSteam Contact
The Danish Arts FoundationSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Erik RobertsonSpecial Thanks
Nordic Game ProgramSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
AptocoreSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Erin CattoSpecial Thanks
Box2DSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Allan RasmussenSpecial Thanks
Cat Science ParkSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Tobias SjögrenSpecial Thanks
Martyn BrownSpecial Thanks
Annie ChristensenSpecial Thanks
Gunnar WilleSpecial Thanks
David Stray JørgensenSpecial Thanks
Rune VendlerSpecial Thanks
Maz SporkSpecial Thanks
Sabine RavnSpecial Thanks
Press PlaySpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Dajana DimovskaSpecial Thanks
Copenhagen Game CollectiveSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Kanako IshidaSpecial Thanks
Karl StampesSpecial Thanks
Heidi Bøgelund FrederiksenSpecial Thanks
August Malling HermansenSpecial Thanks
Mette Bøgelund FrederiksenSpecial Thanks
Ida Brink-LundSpecial Thanks
Gabe Logan NewellSpecial Thanks

VMC Game Labs

Scott GriffithsVMC Test Manager
Scott FergusonVMC Test Manager
Cala PoseyVMC Test Lead
Wes McDanielVMC Test Lead
Dejan ZahirovicVMC Test Lead
Roxanne CourchesneVMC Test Lead
Adam RushVMC Tester
Patrick LavoieVMC Tester
Ryan StatzVMC Tester
Matthew LynchVMC Tester
Joshua GoldsmanVMC Tester
Kelly Anne SpillerVMC Tester
Justin DavisVMC Tester
Nicholas HartVMC Tester
Alex J. HendrikseVMC Tester
Matt IbarakiVMC Tester
Chris MearsVMC Tester
Samuel TharpVMC Tester
Anthony TregreVMC Tester
Hudson LicyayoVMC Tester
Benjamin NiedzvieckiVMC Tester



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Released: 2010

Limbo is a black and white puzzle-platforming adventure. Play the role of a young boy traveling through an eerie and treacherous world in an attempt to discover the fate of his sister. Limbo's design is an example of...