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Steam Exclusive OfferThe Steam version includes a special offer DLC built-in. The Tactical Advantage pack includes the full Lyrius Campaign of sixteen adrenaline packed missions, as well as the following immediate unlocks.

1000 Combat Experience Points
RT41 Shotgun
Frag Grenade
Hornet Rocket Launcher
Portable Cloaking Unit
Armor CL1 Class
About the GameLine Of Defense Tactics is a real-time strategy combat game for a range of mobile devices, laptops and desktops.

The game is based on the world of the Line Of Defense MMO in which players command a team of four Galactic Command (GALCOM) marines in highly classified missions which take place in space and on planets.

Equip your team with all types of inventory items, including weapons of mass destruction, space and planetary vehicles as they fight hard to accomplish their missions based on issue #0 of the Line Of Defense comic by DC Comics.

Line Of Defense Tactics also contains a full database of all assets from Line Of Defense MMO game – making it an excellent companion app.

Action based storyline based on the Line Of Defense comics
Real time tactical combat with a persistent team of characters
Fight the enemy in ship to ship combat, inside their bases, and on the ground
Command infantry, autonomous androids, and vehicles to complete your missions
Call in airstrikes, deploy turrets, and gain access to advanced weaponry as you progress
Access the Line Of Defense MMO game's unit and equipment database for intel

Line Of Defense is also available for mobile (iOS, Android) devices, PC and Mac OSX.

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