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Little Inferno (Credits)

Tomorrow Corporation

Allan BlomquistCreator
Kyle GablerCreator
Kyle GrayCreator
Allan BlomquistProgramming
Kyle GablerDesign, Art, Story, Music
Kyle GrayProduction, Animation, Design, Art
Nicolas CordierTranslator
Sascha HebergerTranslator
Anatole MatteTranslator
Philipp PobitzerTranslator
Paul WagenerTranslator
Poirson EmmanuelTranslator
Álex Hernández-PuertasTranslator
Gabriel MeunierTranslator
Amaury de RauglaudreTranslator
Matthias WagnerTranslator
Katrina BlomquistSpecial Thanks
Liam BlomquistSpecial Thanks
Jordon PriceSpace Captain
Christine M Ho, EsqSpecial Thanks
MaslowSpecial Thanks
Dee DeeSpecial Thanks
DexterSpecial Thanks
Experimental GameplayParent Company (Support Company)
Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar (Support Company)
Igor SlaneyWriter, Window Gazing
Dewolfe Music"Window Gazing" License (Support Company)

Little Inferno

79 /100

Released: 2012

Congratulations on your new Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace! Throw your toys into your fire, and play with them as they burn. Stay warm in there. It's getting cold outside! Burn flaming logs, screaming robots,...