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Loom (Credits)

Lucasfilm Games

Mark FerrariIllustrator
Gary WinnickCharacter Design and Animation
Steve PurcellCharacter Design and Animation
Ken MacklinVisual Effects Animation
Gary WinnickVisual Effects Animation
Steve PurcellVisual Effects Animation
Mark FerrariVisual Effects Animation
George Alistair SangerMusic Transciber
Gary HammondMusic Transciber
Kirk RoulstonLead Tester
Brett BarrettTester
Terry BratcherTester
Tom CanhamTester
Eric ChristensenTester
Carla GreenTester
Jon GubmanTester
Tony HsiehTester
Eric LiuTester
Manac MaxoTester
Ezra Palmer-PersenTester
Alice RosenTester
Jenny SwardTester
Aileen TreadwellTester
Judith LuceroTester
Gregory D. HammondProducer
John ReigerDirector
Susan Murphy ReigerDirector's Assistant
Andy MurdochVoice Recorder
Andy NewellMusic Adapted and Mixer
Sara ReederScript Adapter
Orson Scott CardScript Adapter
Jennifer SwardAdditional Dialog and Editing
Shelley DayAdditional Dialog and Editing
John ReigerAdditional Dialog and Editing
Anson JewAdditional Animation
Mike McGlaughlinAdditional Animation
Avril HarrisonAdditional Backgrounds
Armand CabreraAdditional Backgrounds
Anson JewAdditional Backgrounds
Mike McGlaughlinAdditional Backgrounds
Dave PopovichLead Playtester
Chip HinnenbergPlaytester
Jo AshburnPlaytester
James HamptonPlaytester
Justin GrahamPlaytester
Howard HarrisonPlaytester
Patrick SirkPlaytester
Ron LussierPlaytester
Wayne ClinePlaytester
Tabitha TostiPlaytester
Mary BihrPackaging and Marketing Coordinator
Cynthia WuthmanPackaging and Marketing Coordinator
Jennifer SwardScript
Aric WilmunderCD SCUMM System
Shelley DayProducer
Jennifer SwardProject Lead
Sylvester PesekSpecial Thanks
Mike KawaharaSpecial Thanks
Noah FalsteinThanks
David FoxThanks
Akila J. RedmerThanks
James WoodThanks
Andrea SiegelThanks
Orson Scott CardThanks
George LucasVery Special Thanks


91 /100

Released: 1990

Long after the passing of the Second Shadow, when dragons ruled the twilight sky and the stars were bright and numerous, came the Age of the Great Guilds.
Blacksmiths. Shepherds. Clerics. Each dedicated to the...