Lop Nor Zombie VR Press kit


Release Date:

PC (Microsoft Windows)




In a west lab of Lop Nor, staff were infected by virus and become to Zombies. Soldier 9527 discovered the threaten and entered the town to investigate what happened in the town. You have to survive by killing all the zombies you met. Examine the environment carefully and make use all the weapons including melee weapon and guns you can find to defeat the horrible creatures. Also you have to solve some puzzles to keep searching forward.
IMPORTANT: keep the distance from zombies and kill them before they get close to you, or the zombie would eat you soon !


There are far more images available for Lop Nor Zombie VR, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact the developer!

Inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail(Vlambeer)