Lost Cities

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Genre: Strategy

Platforms: Xbox Live Arcade

Lost Cities is card game for the Xbox 360, based upon the popular card game of the same name by game designer Reiner Knizia, published by Sierra Online. In early 2009, Lost Cities was removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace. At the time, it was only the second game for which this has happened. No official reason was given for the removal, but speculation centered on copyright issues over the merger of Activision and Vivendi, ... Read More

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Risk it all on the expeditions of a lifetime in the award-winning card game Lost Cities as it comes to life on Xbox Live Arcade. Draw from a pool of cards to amass the most points, play your cards wisely, take chances with your money, and create the best strategy to outwit your opponent on the road to victory. True to the original: All of the fun and strategy of the original card game has been faithfully translated for the console audience. Easy to learn: Jump into a game and start devising strategies within minutes. Exotic locales: Manage prosperous expeditions through the lost cities of the frozen Himalayas to the sandy deserts of Egypt, and even the Brazilian rain forest. Online play: Play with up to three of your friends over Xbox Live.