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Lost Worlds Prophecy

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Genre: Puzzle

Platforms: Android

Lost Worlds Prophecy is a fun and relaxing casual puzzle game for the whole family. Fire bouncy drones through the screen to collect shiny gems and hit your enemies to collect points and get to the next level. Top Puzzle fun and action for the complete family! Use your puzzle solving skills to beat the highscore and become the best! 🚀 The game is beautifully designed and features music+soundfx by German Techno producer ... Read More

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The galactic command recently discovered a few previously unknown planets in our galaxy, which they called the lost Worlds. On the surface of these planets, the alpha researchers found many stone heads that seem to emit an unknown frequency. Further analysis shows the heads to be connected through these frequencies, but the purpose of the signals has not yet been uncovered. When the scientists moved one of the stones, they found several ancient texts left by a long extinct civilization. The old writings seem to warn about a great cataclysm 'when the heads awaken'. First it was thought to be nothing but superstition, however this prophecy may not entirely be made up! The exact details are still classified. The high council thus decided to destroy these heads, as they serve no purpose to us and might pose a threat to our galaxy. Since the stones are protected by a strange kind of force field, lasers as well as explosives have been proven unsuccessful to destroy them. You will be sent top secret drones which are able to penetrate the protective layer around these heads to neutralize them. The drones will be put under your command and are available at your request. Please be careful, supply is limited to 3 for each marked area. This should be enough to eliminate all nearby threats... If you aim properly. We count on you to finish this job ASAP, good luck!