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Luckless Seven

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Genre: Indie, Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Luckless Seven is an isometric card game RPG with advanced lighting and 3D visuals. The game takes place in a fantasy near-future setting and features extensive dialogue trees, story-driven side quests, and a card battle system inspired by Pazaak. Features: - Immersive dialogue trees - Card battle system - Social leveling system - Explorable 3D world - Dozens of collectible cards - Long storyline with multiple narratives Fo... Read More

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Screenshot of a zoomed out level
Card battle system inspired by Pazaak and blackjack.
Dialogue system allows players to make a wide range of choices. They will shape the story.
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The game will put players in the shoes of Mark, a young adult drifting through life. Bored of his dead end job and feeling less risk averse than usual, Mark decides to take a leap of faith and joins his friends on a cross-country Ekosi tour.

Ekosi is the name of the card game used as the battle system for Luckless Seven. The foundation for the card game was inspired by Pazaak, a minigame from Bioware’s 2003 hit Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Both Ekosi and Pazaak are similar to Blackjack but have a few key differences such as players having a hand in which they can play cards to manipulate their score.

Besides battling other characters, players will travel with a group of Mark’s childhood friends. Each of the characters that travels with Mark will have a prominent role in the story and fully developed character arcs. The player’s interactions with his party members and other characters in the story will determine what dialogue choices they can make and how their story will conclude.

The game will have a top-down isometric view and feature an overworld that the player can explore. Numerous NPCs scattered throughout the world will engage the player in Ekosi battles. Players will unlock new cards and additional quests by taking the time to explore the world and challenge other characters. The player will also have numerous interactions with their party throughout each stage of their journey.

The players will have more options and strategies available to them as they win more cards. Besides collecting powerful cards, the player will also be able to interact with many NPCs and witness many story-creating events when they explore Arithia’s cities. By taking the time to interact with the world’s characters and participating in each party member’s story arcs, the player will level up their character and unlock additional story events, dialogue trees, and endings.