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Lunchtime of the Damned

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Genre: Adventure

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

A Point And Click Adventure Game created by Ben Croshaw as part of the Reality-On-The-Norm project.

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Teenage magician Davy Jones, and his girlfriend Elandra, perform a resurrection ritual at the graveyard in hopes of bringing a deceased local to life. But everything goes horribly wrong, and they end up becoming unwitting progenitors of a brain-craving zombie. Can Davy put an end to the undead menace's existence?

The game is controlled with a mouse; similarly to Sam & Max Hit The Road, right-clicking changes the cursor action (Walk to, Look at, Interact with, Talk to), while moving the cursor to the top of the screen makes a menu appear, allowing you to easily change the cursor actions, access one's inventory or save/load/quit the game.