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Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force

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Genre: Hack and slash/Beat 'em up

Platforms: FM Towns, PlayStation, Sharp X68000

2142 A.D. Artemis City. People were about to forget all those disasters. A war ship probably built during the late war time was discovered by the military. There were a few hundred SlaveGears aboard the war ship, and were to be put under the control. Under the intention of the ruling government in power. Two SlaveGears were put under the management of the police for the purpose of experimental use. These two models were named ... Read More

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12 reviews

Fair 70%

It's a fun beat em' up style game with an awesome mecha suit as the protagonist. It'll kick your butt but it has infinite continues. It won't take you too long to finish but this'll encourage replays to get a perfect no death run. Well worth a play or two!

Positive points
Solid gameplay and art design.
Negative points
Pretty short.