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Ah, don't worry about it Vito! [8.0/10]

It's an interesting story, but a lot of driving and the shooting is a bit clunky. The shooting is improved in the DLC Jimmy's Vendetta's, but the DLC lacks checkpoints making the missions pretty frustrating. I would recommend the main game, but skip the DLC's.

igno2ks Review [9.0/10]

If you like films like Godfather, Scarface or Good Fellas this is your game. Great story and good gameplay. The game is pretty straightforward and pushes the story. It does not have any notable side quests like GTA does, but I did not miss that. Played the PC version, which has good gamepad support (I used the XBOX 360 Controller) and nice gra...

Paninist71s Review [10.0/10]

One of very few story driven game that doesn't suck and has decent gameplay