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Not a Mafia game [7.0/10]

To be completely honest, I was pleasantly suprised, when I recently finally convinced myself to play this game. After all those bad reviews and complaints by the fans, I expected a terrible game, but it turned out to be a pretty good and enjoyable game. BUT, let me say this. it is a good game, but it is not a good Mafia game. But once you "forge...

JustLukas Review [7.0/10]

The problem with this game is the fact that it has not managed to achieve the right balance between repetitive tasks, and feeling you are not doing the same all the time. The most obvious comparison is the Assassin's Creed series, where you are doing basically the same set of stuff, but it is rotated heavily and the game-play is so fun you want ...

hanswerner99s Review [3.0/10]

After falling in love with Mafia 2, I was anticipatingly waiting for the sequel that would eventually continue the story of Vito Scaletta. But sadly Mafia III wasn't the game I was waiting for all these years. It's just an under average third person shooter that has bearly any ties to Mafia 2.