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Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds (Credits)

Bullfrog Productions

Alan WrightProject Leader
Glenn CorpesEngine Programming
Alan WrightLead Programming
Mark LamportProgramming
Mark AdamiProgramming
Edin RoganLead Artist
Darren ThomasGraphics and Art
Fin McGechieGraphics and Art
Chris HillIntroductory Sequence
Sean MastersonScripting
Sean MastersonLevel Design
Adrian MooreLevel Design
Vince FarquharsonLevel Design
Barry MeadeLevel Design
Russell ShawSound and Music
Kevin DonkinTechnical Support
Mike BurnhamTechnical Support
Cathy CamposPR and Marketing
Sean RatcliffePR and Marketing
Neil CookPlayguide
Sean MastersonPlayguide
Rachel ClosePlayguide Design
Andy RobsonTesting
Jeff BrutusTesting
Andy NuttallTesting
Steve FittonTesting
Robert ByrneTesting
Richard ElliotTesting
David RoganTesting
Christopher MitchellTesting
Nick HannahTesting
Ken MalcolmTesting
Phil NortonTesting
Andrew TrowersTesting
Darren JonesTesting
Luke FerrisTesting
Charlie RightTesting
Mike ManTesting
Richard VelatiTesting
Mark StaceyTesting
Kenneth ChanTesting
Mike DiskettTesting
James SmithTesting
Eoin RoganTesting
M RowbottomTesting
Gerard O' DonaghueTesting
Peter BlowTesting
Peter HughesTesting
Barrie ParkerTesting
Andrea da Silva GoncalvesTesting
Matt SullivanTesting
Andy CakebreadTesting
Barry ClarkeTesting
Justin AmooreTesting
Graham HarbourTesting
Simon RomansTesting
Symeon CosburnTesting
Thanks to
Jo GoodwinThanks
Kathy McEnteeThanks
Iain HancockGA
Sean CooperProducer


Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds

Released: 1995

Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds was the follow-up of the successful yet underrated game, Magic Carpet. It fixed many of the design complaints present in the first Magic Carpet. The basic concept of the game remains...