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Magic Shot is an experimental billiard game. Based on traditional French Billiards, players have to touch both the yellow and red balls with the white cue ball in a single go. If only it was that simple! The table morphs after each successful shot.

Magic Shot has three different modes to fit your every mood- Meditation, Purity and Insanity. In Meditation mode you will discover a new table at every step along the journey, each named after a city. In the course of 2763 levels, memory and imagination are invoked, linking the table shape with the character of the place name. The aim of Purity mode is to get as high a score as possible. Unlock the ‘Ultra’ phase, accessed by playing perfect shots in a row, and multiply your points while avoiding the decaying table. For Insanity, this is where it gets insane! The table changes continually, the clock's counting down and the pressure is on to get the highest score possible. All players will be able to track their progress on a global Leaderboard. Magic Shot mixes game design and an artistic approach to push the limit between minimalism and entertainment. The unique audio specifically crafted in collaboration with Renaud Bénard using ‘Little bits’, combined with this innovative redesign of classic French Billiards, will surprise you.