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Releasing: December 31, 1994

Magic Theatre is the award-winning software that brought the art of storytelling to the computer era by allowing kids as young as three to make their own movies. Simple to use, with Magic Theatre you can effortlessly blend animations, music, and your own narration and drawings to create short films – the only limit is your imagination.

Developed with educators, artists, and most importantly – children – Magic Theatre provides not only endless entertainment, but also develops artistic, speech, and extemporization skills. All of these form the foundations for the communication skills essential in every part of life.
Click and drag animation lets you make movies quickly and easily.
Extensive libraries featuring hundreds of animations, scenery, objects, paint effects, traces, sound effects, and music.
Equally suited for boys and girls.
Verbal help and icon-based user interface enables even pre-readers to use Magic Theatre easily.
Automatic coordination of sound and graphics renders the movies effortlessly synchronized.
Movies are automatically saved and named, meaning no keyboard use or computer administration is required.
Multiple scene feature permits movies to be of any length and complexity.
Broadcast in places like YouTube using a free screen recorder.
Educational Benefits >>
Develops verbal communication and speech skills.
Builds critical thinking, planning and organization.
Stimulates imagination, and encourages storytelling and creativity.
Enhances artistic skills and hand-eye coordination.
Lets you entertain the world!
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