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Magical Drop V (Credits)

UTV Ignition Entertainment

Anthony de Sa FerreiraProducer
Paolo de Sa FerreiraProducer
Alex KamedaProducer
Kauzki KatoProducer
Game Design Directors
Anthony de Sa FerreiraDesigner
Alex KamedaDesigner
Main Programmers
Malek BengougamProgrammer
Maiwenn RapineProgrammer
VFX Programmers
Eric GachonVisual Effects
Paul SuchanekVisual Effects
Additional Programmers
Dimitry PeanProgrammer
2D Artists
Aurelien Regard2D Artist
Philippe Dessoly2D Artist
Charles Duchenes2D Artist
Ivan Boivin2D Artist
Engine Programmers
Malek BengougamProgrammer
Tools Programmer
Vladimir PapaditsasProgrammer
Character Animators
Aiko MoritaAnimator
Miki EtoAnimator
Keiicho AndoAnimator
Samy CheboubMain Theme and Menus
GamadelicMagical Drop III Themes
Orchestrator and Arranger
Samy CheboubMagical Drop III Themes
Faycal CheboubViolin Alto
David SoltanyGuitar
Sound Design
Samy CheboubSound Designer
Voice Casting Directors
Rie NakajimaVoice Casting
KokubunVoice Casting

Ignition Entertainment

Senior Producer
Jamie FirthSenior Producer
Director of Operations
Lily SandovalDirector of Operations
Director of Sales and Marketing
Vicki WhiteDirector of Sales and Marketing
Family Thanks
Mary VSpecial Thanks
MiaoussSpecial Thanks
DominiqueSpecial Thanks
ConstantinoSpecial Thanks
MagaliSpecial Thanks
FatimaSpecial Thanks
YannSpecial Thanks
LudoSpecial Thanks
MonaSpecial Thanks
EvanSpecial Thanks
CapucineSpecial Thanks
ClovisSpecial Thanks
TomSpecial Thanks
NoamSpecial Thanks
MicaSpecial Thanks
EmmanuelSpecial Thanks
CharlotteSpecial Thanks
HortenseSpecial Thanks
FrancoisSpecial Thanks
Friends Thanks
PierreSpecial Thanks
EliothSpecial Thanks
SeverineSpecial Thanks
HuguesSpecial Thanks
BeneSpecial Thanks
SaidSpecial Thanks
FaustineSpecial Thanks
ThomasSpecial Thanks
StephanieSpecial Thanks
MeloSpecial Thanks
AmandaSpecial Thanks
DjalalSpecial Thanks
LudovicSpecial Thanks
FannySpecial Thanks
NordineSpecial Thanks
JudienSpecial Thanks
EmmanuelSpecial Thanks
SabineSpecial Thanks
VinceSpecial Thanks
JeremySpecial Thanks
MelodieSpecial Thanks
ZazouSpecial Thanks
KryssSpecial Thanks
VieuxSpecial Thanks
ChristopherSpecial Thanks
JohnSpecial Thanks
GuillaumeSpecial Thanks
SandrineSpecial Thanks
AlexSpecial Thanks
AdamSpecial Thanks
CamilleSpecial Thanks
RichardSpecial Thanks
KristosanSpecial Thanks
ArnosanSpecial Thanks
Malek Thanks
ZinebSpecial Thanks
Bengougam & Ait-Arkoub familiesSpecial Thanks
AssyaSpecial Thanks
SafyaSpecial Thanks
YacineSpecial Thanks
MehdiSpecial Thanks
HakimSpecial Thanks
RayaneSpecial Thanks
YannickSpecial Thanks
JeromeSpecial Thanks
CedricSpecial Thanks
Julien D.Special Thanks
Julien M.Special Thanks
MounirSpecial Thanks
GuilaumeSpecial Thanks
MohammedSpecial Thanks
Special Social Thanks
DeanSpecial Thanks
MatthewSpecial Thanks
StarSpecial Thanks
DennisSpecial Thanks
ChulSpecial Thanks
JustinSpecial Thanks
WawaSpecial Thanks
ThierrySpecial Thanks
BoulapoireSpecial Thanks
JosephSpecial Thanks
SimonSpecial Thanks
BrunoSpecial Thanks
LinarSpecial Thanks
GuillaumeSpecial Thanks
RaphaelSpecial Thanks

Magical Drop V

50 /100

Released: 2012

Magical Drop Is Back!!! Yes, the cult-classic returns with all the fast-paced action you expect from the franchise, mixed with modern visuals and multi-player online experiences.