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Many years ago, people of the largest kingdom known Golas lived in peace, respecting each other and the nature. King Maphoteusus, along with his sons, was loved by his people. Living in harmony with nature was essential to the King, therefore he was doing all he can for his people along with helping farmers to live in wealth and self-sufficient altogether.

One day a weird looking man approached to bazaar and gave a free box of an unknown fruit to a Merchant. The fruit was devilishly delicious. Until that day, such a taste in a fruit wasn’t known to them. The fruit has poisined all living things. Tens of thousands of people got infected, thousands died…King Maphoteusus, hopeless and desperate, ordered all the alchemists and doctors to find a cure, nevertheless all the effort was to no avail. First the small farms, and then the cities, at the end disease was knocking the doors of the palace. All hope was gone…

Sometime after, a strange looking messenger came close to the doors of the palace. He told the King about Magiterra, people living near to the land of the Kingdom and their concoctions and potions of all sorts which could form a cure for the disease spreading. The king ordered to bring Magiterra to the kingdom immediately after they met, Magiterra listed all the ingredients to formulate the potion which would heal the disease. Among these, there were essences of various flowers, seaweeds, and some rare plants and mushrooms. With all the ingredients arrived shortly, soon the potion was ready and then the King ordered to reproduce it and distribute it immediately to the whole kingdom.

The mixture did good for all humans and animals that were affected by the disease. King started to gain his power back, forests started to nourish, folk were all healthy again. After everything was settled, Magiterra was on his way back home.

However, years later King Maphotesus become old and couldn’t lead his folk anymore. There were no more production within the kingdom. Without trade kingdom got poor, Famine was coming closer. The King was hoping to make progress again and avoid the famine by the support of villagers. He decided to ask for help from Magiterra for one last time. In his letter, he wrote the following words.

My Dear Friend Magiterra,
My kingdom needs you and your village once again. I have arranged a territory at the south of my kingdom. Near to this land, there are markets and bazaars, I assume you can build your settlement around there. My folk will be needing some resources, will you help me to bring abundance back and thus, protect the nature together?