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Releasing: November 18, 2005

There are many sports games out there that focus on baseball itself, but MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2K5 WORLD SERIES EDITION by Kush Games and Visual Concepts for the PS2 takes a cue from the wild ride that was the 2005 pennant race and World Series. One of the best things about MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2K5 WORLD SERIES EDITION that sets it apart from the regular baseball titles is the way that the designers have incorporated a new Pennant Fever mode as well as the World Series Championship Moments mode that allow players to experience the game of baseball from a new and exciting standpoint. In Pennant Fever mode players will get to play through the final games of the season from the basic franchise mode. Thus giving them the chance to only play through the excitement and frantic play that often encapsulates the last few games of the season. The Championship Moments mode, on the other hand is a little different in that it lets fans play through some of the greatest World Series moments throughout history in a type of simulation. This allows players to get directly on the inside of some of the games that changed the way America viewed baseball. The MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2K5 WORLD SERIES EDITION is essentially the same great MLB game that comes out every year with a few bonus features, but those bonuses are well worth the money as they will easily pay for themselves with the hours of fun game play.

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