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"Manos" The Revenge of Torgo is based on the cult-classic and all around contender for 'worst movie ever made' - "Manos" The Hands of Fate, as a result of what would happen if a movie made on a bet would receive an indie game also made on a bet that for no reason other than it was part of said bet Splatterhouse's Terror Mask was in the mix.

"Manos" The Revenge of Torgo features a hybrid side-scrolling action style patterned visually after Splatterhouse 3 with elements of all of the games of the original franchise found throughout the stages.

- Play as the ultimate cult horror mishmash: Torgo, the satyr, dons the Terror Mask to exact revenge!

- Unique Achievement system, the breakthrough Lazy To Fix Dynamic Scoring™ wherein stumbling on bugs rewards you with points!

- Three difficulty levels!

- Hidden unlockable bonuses!

- Countless spoofs we're hoping you find through your journey on the game!

- The Haunting Torgo theme (a LOT of it)!

- Customizable control layout, including arrow keys, WASD and rudimentary joypad support (Hush, the Master doesn't approve of such devices)!

- Enthusiastic press release with exclamations!