Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Genre: Role-playing (RPG)

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is the second game in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series, and is loosely based on the events of the Civil War comic book story line. It brings with it a larger roster of heroes and villains to play as, as well as more ways to utilize your team in battle.

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This is an action game in which players control Marvel Comic superheroes in a quest to protect the United States against a terrorist attack from a (fictional) foreign country. Players roam through realistic urban settings with other team members and fight hordes of Soldiers/Mercenaries, Robots/Cyborgs and Super Humans. Players use hand-to-hand combat (e.g., punches and kicks), fantastical superpowers (e.g., lightning bolts, blasts of fire, slicing claws), and sometimes guns to defeat machine gun-wielding enemies. The battle is constant and frenetic and is highlighted by realistic gunfire, explosions, and slashing/punching sound effects. Some profanity (e.g., "bullsh*t") appears in dialogue.
The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 12 years and over only. It contains: Non realistic looking violence towards human characters - Mild bad language
The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 16 years and over only. It contains: Realistic looking violence -

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