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DingleDongles Review [7.0/10]

Although great fun. It felt like I had already played the game. The story was good. But sometimes the gameplay left me wanting. The webslinging was wonderful but heading to markers just felt like a routine. Particularly with side quests feeling very disappointing, with rarely any worthwhile content involved. Only the two main villains felt lik...

Gyuro777s Review [8.0/10]

Pfffff what can i say? Hi! XD. No..... The game is absolutely stunning the fight is not like the arkham games its not about button smashing at all, you need to think in fights and i like it. The graphics is amazing! The web swinging is spectacular. The story is good and you feel like they put similar scenes from all the released movies for examp...

sircharleswatsons Review [8.0/10]

Best game I've played in 2019 This was my first ever Platinum. I had fun but I should have built up the skill tree before beating the game though

smk_34s Review [10.0/10]

I have already played this game 5/6 times cause it's incredible, spetacular, and amazing!!. This is another flawless games for me. Ok, im a little biased because spider-man is my favourite hero so when i play a superb game like this, it really makes me happy.

thaflu84's review of Marvel's Spider-Man [8.0/10]

8.5 Stars Probably the best superhero action game behind the Batman: Arkham Trilogy. Despite repetitive side activities, it has a great story, a lot of charisma, and great combat highlighted by the numerous suits and mods.