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'Spider-Man' - Best of its Kind [9.0/10]

njja03gaming created

The wait for a great Spider-Man game had seemed infinite. Many games have come out from Activision revolving around the web-slinger for years now. But none of them reached that level of polish and fluidity that many people want out of a Spider-Man game. Treyarch's 'Spider-Man 2' was the closest we got to the ideal web-slinging experience. Many y...

Trtreibers Review [8.0/10]

Trtreiber created

A very big surprise of a game that takes quite a bit from previusly established comic book/super hero games (Arkham in particular) and ramps it up and improves upon most facets already establisshed. The graphics are impressive, especially the facial animations of the main cast, and overall it is one of the best looking games to date period, tho...

graysons Review [7.0/10]

grayson created

Extremely formulaic but polished open-world game. Good if you're in the mood for that kind of thing. It's Spider-Man so a lot of the fun is just recognizing characters and places. Wow, there he is...Kingpin! Wow, there it is...Avengers Tower! Welp, enough of that, time to hunt for collectibles.

DingleDongles Review [7.0/10]

DingleDongle created

Although great fun. It felt like I had already played the game. The story was good. But sometimes the gameplay left me wanting. The webslinging was wonderful but heading to markers just felt like a routine. Particularly with side quests feeling very disappointing, with rarely any worthwhile content involved. Only the two main villains felt lik...

Gyuro777s Review [8.0/10]

Gyuro777 created

Pfffff what can i say? Hi! XD. No..... The game is absolutely stunning the fight is not like the arkham games its not about button smashing at all, you need to think in fights and i like it. The graphics is amazing! The web swinging is spectacular. The story is good and you feel like they put similar scenes from all the released movies for examp...

The Absolutely Brilliant Spider-Man game [9.0/10]

bbs created

Easily one of the best titles of PS4. Not even 1 minute from the start, the game is already letting you know how great of a time you're about to have. All the way to the end, it's a super rewarding ride.