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primeriches Review [9.0/10]

primerich created

One of the great games of the Seventh generation. The choices and the lived in world help this game endear itself to most who plays it.

BrendonMios Review [9.0/10]

BrendonMio created

Even for me, a person who hates space fictions, Mass Effect 2 showed to be a great game with good characters and choices. The gameplay is awesome when you learn to use it correctly. You can use combos and use the quick skills hotkeys to see a lot of fight effects on your screen.

Set the standard for Bioware to live up to [9.8/10]

hortop created

Your fight continues against the destructive alien machine race called the reapers and now the threat of the insectoid Species called the collectors. Also a corporation called cerberus starts playing a big part. With an epic start in which Involves the Normandy, you get introduced to the head of cerberus the Illusive man. You now collaborate wit...