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Already released in undefined on Amiga

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Atari ST/STE



Earth One- Prepare to descend. Your time has come...

As you hurtle through the complex mazes of the death tunnels, you must negotiate the tortuous twists and turns in order to keep ahead of the competition.

The deadly race track is linked by a series of pit grids which are littered with numerous bonuses including speed amplification modules and fuel which must be collected to ensure your survival!

Featuring a unique 3D arcade game concept.

This is the ultimate futuristic racing simulator- you won't find anything like this on this side of the galaxy!

Option two player "Head to Head" link via serial port.

Digitized audio navigational aid.

Dedicated weapon selection feature.

Your mission? To emerge victorious as Annihilator One- and so to be the elite Intergalactic Screaming Race Skull Team... can you meet the challenge???