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Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne (Credits)

Remedy Entertainment

Markus MäkiProject Lead
Petri JärvilehtoLead Game Design
Sam LakeWritten by
Kim SaloGame Programming Lead
Markus SteinTechnology Programming Lead
Sami VanhataloGraphic Design Lead
Saku LehtinenArt Direction
Olli TervoProgramming
Jaakko LehtinenProgramming
Petteri SaloProgramming
Outi MarttilaProgramming
Petri HäkkinenAdditional Programming
Anssi HyytiäinenLevel Design - Gameplay
Samuli ViikinenLevel Design - Gameplay
Mikael KasurinenLevel Design - Gameplay
Aki MäättäLevel Design - Art
Mikael WahlbergLevel Design - Art
Tero TolsaLevel Design - Art
Saku LehtinenAdditional Level Design
Petri JärvilehtoAdditional Level Design
Henri BlåfieldModeling
Mikko HuovinenModeling
Peter HajbaCharacter Animation
Aki MäättäTexture Art
Marko LeinonenTexture Art
Mikael WahlbergTexture Art
Peter HajbaTexture Art
Saku LehtinenTexture Art
Tero TolsaTexture Art
Peter HajbaParticle Art
Peter HajbaSound FX and Voice Tracks
Marko LeinonenGraphic Novel Art
Sami SaramäkiGraphic Novel Art
Marko LeinonenMenu and HUD Art
Sami SaramäkiMenu and HUD Art
Saku LehtinenCinematics
Tommi AnttilaCinematics
Hybrid GraphicsCourtesy of (Support Company)
Matias MyllyrinneBusiness Affairs
Mika ReiniOffice Manager
Petri LjungbergIT Support

Rockstar Games

Sam HouserExecutive Producer
Jamie KingVP of Development
Brandon RoseAssociate Producer
Gary J. ForemanChief Technology Officer
Jeff RosaDirector of Quality Assurance
Sandeep BislaTechnical Manager
Elizabeth SatterwhiteLead Analyst
Rich HuieTest Team
Brian PlanerTest Team
Scott PetermanTest Team
Tammy BeattyTest Team
Gene OvertonTest Team
Brian AlcazarTest Team
Jameel VegaTest Team
Lance WilliamsTest Team
Terry DonovanProduction Team
Alex HortonProduction Team
Jenefer GrossProduction Team
Jeff CastanedaProduction Team
Jennifer KolbeProduction Team
Noelle SadlerProduction Team
Kerry ShawProduction Team
Adam TodmanProduction Team
Corey WadeProduction Team
Steve KnezevichProduction Team
Hosi SimonProduction Team
Paul YeatesProduction Team
Daniel EinzigProduction Team
Jerry LunaProduction Team
Futaba HayashiProduction Team
Jeff WilliamsProduction Team
Richard KrugerProduction Team
Jake KingProduction Team
Jordan ChewProduction Team
Devin BennettProduction Team
Chris CarroProduction Team
Rob FleischerProduction Team
Bill LinnProduction Team
Susan LewisProduction Team
David ThomsonProduction Team

3D Realms

Scott MillerProducer
George BroussardProducer

Remedy Entertainment

Kärtsy HatakkaMusic by
Kimmo KajastoMusic by
Finnvox Studios (Support Company)
Pauli SaastamoinenMusic Mastering by
Markus KaarlonenMusic Mastering by
Perttu KivilaaksoCello in Max Payne Theme by
Poets of the Fall"Late Goodbye" performed by
Marko Saaresto"Late Goodbye" written by
Sam Lake"Late Goodbye" based on a poem written by
Markus Kaarlonen"Late Goodbye" produced by
Navid KhonsariVO Directed by
Noelle SadlerVO Producer
Kerry ShawVO Producer
Track Nine Studios (Support Company)
Paul VasquezVO Engineered by
Timothy GibbsMax Payne's Model
Kathy TongMona Sax's Model
Andrea LeighValerie Winterson's Model
Ed HylandAlfred Woden's Model
Michael ArkinJim Bravura's Model
Peter GilesVladimir Lem's Model
Stephen GregoryVinnie Gognitti's Model
Alex CorradoIn-game Character Model
Alex KortovskiIn-game Character Model
Angela TrotterIn-game Character Model
Angelo FrascoIn-game Character Model
Anthony BerryIn-game Character Model
Anthony LehmenkulerIn-game Character Model
Ariel EstradaIn-game Character Model
Beata MolnarIn-game Character Model
Bernard FriedmanIn-game Character Model
Blake PesceIn-game Character Model
Brent BlackIn-game Character Model
Brian RogalskiIn-game Character Model
Bruce SmolanoffIn-game Character Model
Bruno LannoneIn-game Character Model
Charles DeraczunasIn-game Character Model
Charles TuckerIn-game Character Model
Christina ZorichIn-game Character Model
Colleen VogelIn-game Character Model
Daniel PassaroIn-game Character Model
David CalderazzoIn-game Character Model
Dmitri ChristyIn-game Character Model
Frank PilusoIn-game Character Model
Gerrit VoorenIn-game Character Model
Ginger RichIn-game Character Model
Jack Van NatterIn-game Character Model
Jacqueline BowmanIn-game Character Model
Jeff NewmanIn-game Character Model
Jeff Thomas LundwallIn-game Character Model
Joe MasiIn-game Character Model
John BlancoIn-game Character Model
John RidgeIn-game Character Model
John ZurhellenIn-game Character Model
Jonathan TindleIn-game Character Model
Julie HardingIn-game Character Model
Julio RiveraIn-game Character Model
Joseph TutaloIn-game Character Model
Kara HamiltonIn-game Character Model
Ken DapperIn-game Character Model
Kevin NosworthyIn-game Character Model
Lex MonsonIn-game Character Model
Lola KramerIn-game Character Model
Maggie MoorIn-game Character Model
Mark BenzinyanIn-game Character Model
Marlon JohnIn-game Character Model
Matthew LoneyIn-game Character Model
Mishna WolffIn-game Character Model
Neil LevineIn-game Character Model
Noelle SadlerIn-game Character Model
Paul BorgheseIn-game Character Model
PJ BrownIn-game Character Model
Reid MihalkoIn-game Character Model
Renaud SebanneIn-game Character Model
Roy DavisIn-game Character Model
Sal PetraccioneIn-game Character Model
Sarah Graham HayesIn-game Character Model
Shawn McLeanIn-game Character Model
Stephen DanielsIn-game Character Model
Tara RadcliffeIn-game Character Model
Thomas HartnettIn-game Character Model
Thomas ZemonIn-game Character Model
Tim WomackIn-game Character Model
John ZurhellenPhotography Direction
Howard Schwartz RecordingCasting (Support Company)
Donna Deseta CastingCasting (Support Company)
Tim WomackCharacter Model Photography
Tim WomackGraphic Novel Photography
Evan RossCharacter Stylist
Tonya BarrCharacter Stylist
Navid KhonsariMotion Capture Director
Lee RosenMotion Capture Acting
Lawrence BallardMotion Capture Acting
Mary StiefvaterMotion Capture Acting
George BurichMotion Capture Acting
Jordan MatterMotion Capture Acting
Jayson GladstoneMotion Capture Acting
Navid KhonsariMotion Capture Acting
Noelle SadlerMotion Capture Acting
Melle PowersMotion Capture Acting
William PowersMotion Capture Acting
William McCallMotion Capture Acting
Kurt BauccioMotion Capture Acting
John ZurhellenMotion Capture Acting
Hector SalazarMotion Capture Stuntperson
Jenna MurphyMotion Capture Stuntperson
Norman DouglassMotion Capture Stuntperson
Manny SiverioMotion Capture Stunt Coordinator
Perspective Studios (Support Company)
Chuck MongelliMotion Capture by
Keith RobinsonMotion Capture by
Joe NolanMotion Capture by
Jussi RäsänenFinland Test Team
Kari TuominenFinland Test Team
Mika WendelinFinland Test Team
Nicklas RenqvistFinland Test Team
Antti KoivistoFinland Test Team
Ville-Pekka VainioFinland Test Team
Teemu HeinilehtoFinland Test Team
Lasse MäkiFinland Test Team
Patric OjalaFinland Test Team
Tuukka TaipalvessiFinland Test Team

3D Realms

Scott MillerDallas Test Team
George BroussardDallas Test Team
Kyle DavisDallas Test Team
Keith SchulerDallas Test Team
Allen BlumDallas Test Team
John AndersonDallas Test Team
Joe WampooleDallas Test Team
Steven BlackburnDallas Test Team
Charlie WiederholdDallas Test Team

Remedy Entertainment

Pentti HalonenDrama Consultation
Remedy would like to extend a warm thank-you to the following for their help and support of this game:
Thank you to friends and family for support and understanding. Thanks to the fans for your continued encouragement.
Joe SieglerThanks
for Max Payne forum administration and everyone at 3D Realms; The guys and gals at
Futuremark (Support Company)
Juha PinolaThanks
for his work on the 3D model of the lovers' statue
Hybrid Graphics (Support Company)
Pertti KainulainenThanks
Aki JärvilehtoThanks
Risto VehviläinenThanks
Jani JokiThanks
Sanna YlirukaThanks
Anna KiminkiThanks
Ilkka KohoThanks
and many others
Markus KaarlonenThanks
for Graphic Novel Sound FX and Voice Tracks
Tuuli JärviThanks
Sami JärviThanks
Marko SaarestoThanks
for posing in the TV-show photoshoot
Plenware (Support Company)
Mikko KamunenThanks
Jari PaijaThanks
for work on MaxED
Anne IsomursuThanks
Matti PyykköThanks
Tuomas JääskeläinenThanks
for source material from "Helsinki Graffiti"
Sami MäkeläThanks
for graffiti art
Poickeus Design Studio (Support Company)
Marko SaarestoThanks
for graffiti art
LowPolygon3DThanks (Support Company)
for car model source material
Antero and Hannu at Kobushikai dojo (
Paula RintalaThanks
Sirpa Vanhasasi-HuidaThanks
Tuija TommolaThanks
and the staff of Helsinki University Central Hospital
Eddie CallaghanThanks
for security in NYC
Alan MurtaThanks
for use of his gpc library
Jonathan Richard ShewchukThanks
at University of California at Berkeley for use of his Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator© "Triangle"
Edwin Van PuffelenThanks
Jonathan HallierThanks
for moderating mod forums
Soundkids (Support Company)
Adam SkorupaThanks
Ben MintoThanks
Tekes (Support Company)
Matti SihtoThanks
Kari KorhonenThanks
Dolby (Support Company)
Kristoffer LarsonThanks
Valerio C. FaggioniThanks
Acelaw (Support Company)
Matti KariThanks
Mikko RäsänenThanks
ATI (Support Company)
Rex SikoraThanks
Creative (Support Company)
Andrea D'OrtaThanks
Codemafia (Support Company)
Richard HuddyThanks
Jon StoryThanks
Max Payne 2 uses™ physics engine, Copyright © 1999-2003 Telekinesys Research Limited, All Rights Reserved
Max Payne 2 uses Bink Video Technology, Copyright © 1997-2003 by RAD Game Tools, Inc.
Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
The ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association.
MaxED uses RegExp Library, part of C++ Boost libraries, Copyright © 1998-2001,
Dr. John MaddockThanks
NVDXT Tools and library © NVIDIA Corporation 2003, All rights Reserved
The Global Illumination System is based on the Lumigraph Radiosity technology originally developed in co-operation with
Hybrid Graphics Ltd. (Support Company)
Timo AilaThanks
Janne HellsténThanks
Petri HäkkinenThanks
Jaakko LehtinenThanks
Jussi RäsänenThanks
Rick WashburnAdditional Thanks
Ryder WashburnAdditional Thanks
Splashlight StudiosAdditional Thanks (Support Company)
Sun StudiosAdditional Thanks (Support Company)
Finally, we would like to extend our thanks to everyone involved in the making of Max Payne in 1997-2001.
Without you this sequel would have never been made.
Max Payne's journey through the night will continue.


Max PayneNo image
Mona SaxNo image
Vladimir LemNo image
Jim BravuraNo image
Valerie WintersonNo image
Alfred WodenNo image
Vinnie GognittiNo image
Cartoon HostNo image
Captain Baseballbat-BoyNo image
BicycleHelmet-GirlNo image
DemonNo image
ZombieNo image
Lady AmeliaNo image
Lord ValentineNo image
Lord JackNo image
MamaNo image
Sheriff's ManNo image
Dick JusticeNo image
Blaxploitation NarratorNo image
Sharon JusticeNo image
JunkieNo image
Return to Sender AnnouncerNo image
John MirraNo image
Mental PatientNo image
ShriekNo image
John's GirlfriendNo image
WardenNo image
Porn HostNo image
HookerNo image
Nicole HorneNo image
MobstersNo image
MobstersNo image
MobstersNo image
MobstersNo image
MobstersNo image
MobstersNo image
GodfatherNo image
PolicemenNo image
PolicemenNo image
PolicemenNo image
PolicemenNo image
DispatcherNo image
RussiansNo image
RussiansNo image
RussiansNo image
Mike "The Cowboy"No image
KaufmanNo image
CleanersNo image
CleanersNo image
CleanersNo image
CleanersNo image
CleanersNo image
CommandosNo image
CommandosNo image
Security GuardsNo image
Security GuardsNo image
Security GuardsNo image
Security GuardsNo image
DoctorsNo image
DoctorsNo image
BodyguardsNo image
BodyguardsNo image
BusinessmanNo image
NeighborNo image
Female OfficerNo image
WitnessNo image
Kyra SilverNo image
Booze HoundsNo image
Booze HoundsNo image
Female Sales VoiceNo image
Male Sales VoiceNo image
Male Sales VoiceNo image
JanitorNo image
Annie FinnNo image
Answering MachineNo image
FlamingoNo image

Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne

86 /100

Released: 2003

Max Payne 2 is a third-person shooter, in which the player assumes the role of Max Payne, but also plays as Mona Sax in a few levels. Initially, the player's weapon is a 9mm pistol. As they progress, players access...