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Max Payne (Credits)

Remedy Entertainment

Petri JärvilehtoProject Lead
Sam LakeStory and Screenplay
Markus SteinProgramming Lead
Sami VanhataloGraphic Design Lead
Samuli ViikinenLevel Design Lead
Jaakko LehtinenProgramming
Jussi RäsänenProgramming
Kim SaloProgramming
Olli TervoProgramming
Petteri SaloProgramming
Aki MäättäLevel Design
Anssi HyytiäinenLevel Design
Marty HoweLevel Design
Saku LehtinenLevel Design
Henri BlåfieldModeling
Peter HajbaAnimation
Aki MäättäTexture Art
Marko LeinonenTexture Art
Peter HajbaTexture Art
Saku LehtinenTexture Art
Teemu HeinilehtoTexture Art
Peter HajbaParticle Art
Anssi HyytiäinenCinematics
Saku LehtinenCinematics
Marko LeinonenMenu and HUD Art
Peter HajbaSound and Voice Tracks
Kiia KallioGraphic Novel Art
Sami SaramäkiGraphic Novel Art
Marko LeinonenStartup Movie
Eetu MartolaSkybox Art
Matias MyllyrinneBusiness and Finance Director
Markus MäkiChairman of the Board
Mika ReiniOffice Manager
Petri LjungbergIT Support
Tero TolsaAdditional Level Design
Matti KamulaAdditional Art
Samuli SyvähuokoManagement
Anuj DesaiManagement
Ossi TurpeinenWeapons Consultant
Tero KostermaaAdditional Sounds
Mika TammenkoskiProgramming
Jani KajalaProgramming
Timo AilaAdditional Programming
George BroussardProduced by
Scott MillerProduced by

3D Realms

Scott AldenStrike Team
John AndersonStrike Team
Allen H. Blum IIIStrike Team
Steven BlackburnStrike Team
George BroussardStrike Team
Stephen ColeStrike Team
Scott MillerStrike Team
Brandon ReinhartStrike Team
Keith SchulerStrike Team
Joe SieglerStrike Team
Charlie WiederholdStrike Team
Tim WilsonStrike Team
Matt WoodStrike Team

Rockstar Games

Sam HouserExecutive Producer
Jamie KingDirector of Development
Jeremy PopeProducer
Gary J. ForemanTechnical Producer
Brandon RoseTechnical Coordinator
Jeff RosaQA Manager
Adam DavidsonLead Analyst
Eastborder Management Inc. (Support Company)
Kärtsy HatakkaMusic by
Kimmo KajastoMusic by
Finnvox Studios (Support Company)
Pauli SaastamoinenMusic Mastering by
Navid KhonsariVO Directed by
Renaud SebbaneVO Production by
Brandon RoseVO Engineered by
Jamie KingVO Executive Producer
Stefan PearsonVO Production Assistant
Marko Saaresto"Address Unknown" and "The Void" Voice Acting by
Marko SaarestoCaptain Baseballbat-Boy Comic Strip Art by
Jonne ReijonenAdditional Graphic Novel Photography by
Navid KhonsariText Editing by
William HaskinsText Editing by
Aki SaariahoText Editing by
Sam LakeGraphic Novel Model
Jani NiipolaGraphic Novel Model
Tuuli ReijonenGraphic Novel Model
Aki SaariahoGraphic Novel Model
Teemu JärviGraphic Novel Model
Mr. Willie T.Graphic Novel Model
Candy DawnGraphic Novel Model
Marko SaarestoGraphic Novel Model
Jonne ReijonenGraphic Novel Model
Mika VeikkolainenGraphic Novel Model
Rami LehtimäkiGraphic Novel Model
Carol KiriakosGraphic Novel Model
Jonne SavolainenGraphic Novel Model
Kiia KallioGraphic Novel Model
Jussi RissanenGraphic Novel Model
Tulla JärviGraphic Novel Model
Aki JärvilehtoGraphic Novel Model
Markku JärviGraphic Novel Model
Markus SteinGraphic Novel Model
Jenny JännäriAlso Modeled
Marko HelinAlso Modeled
Saku HelinAlso Modeled
Michel SchivuteAdditional Model
Aki MäättäAdditional Model
Mika TammenkoskiAdditional Model
Ilkka KohoAdditional Model
Ulrik HenriksenAdditional Model
Artturi TarjanneAdditional Model
Jaakko LehtinenAdditional Model
Scott MillerAdditional Model
Paul BonnetteAdditional Model
Richard HuddyAdditional Model
Tero KostermaaAdditional Model
Henri BlåfieldAdditional Model
Matti SihtoAdditional Model
Maria LemmetyinenAdditional Model
Lemmy Kook JensenAdditional Model
Ossi TurpeinenAdditional Model
Alajos HajbaAdditional Model
Rick RaymoAdditional Model
Frank SaloniusAdditional Model
Thor-Gustaf WikstenAdditional Model
Tommi WesterbergAdditional Model
Pekka TapaninenAdditional Model
Kai-Eerik KomppaAdditional Model
Jussi LaakkonenAdditional Model
Mike TuomiAdditional Model
Kaj TuomiAdditional Model
Arman AlizadAdditional Model
Tim PressleyAdditional Model
SkollAdditional Model
Janne SormunenAdditional Model
Ben de WaalAdditional Model
Michael GoddardAdditional Model
Erik PojarAdditional Model
Harri LeskinenAdditional Model
Micko IhoAdditional Model
Petri JärvilehtoAdditional Model
Joe GreeneTest Team
Joe HowellTest Team
Oswald GreeneTest Team
Lance WilliamsTest Team


Andrea VillarealMarketing & PR
Ben ConditMarketing & PR
Benjamin LippertMarketing & PR
Bill NadaliniMarketing & PR
Chad LovellMarketing & PR
David EddingsMarketing & PR
Devin WinterbottomMarketing & PR
Dianne VaughnMarketing & PR
Jeff SmithMarketing & PR
Jenny JemisonMarketing & PR
Jim BloomMarketing & PR
John GibsonMarketing & PR
Josh GallowayMarketing & PR
Mike WilsonMarketing & PR
Russell HughesMarketing & PR
William HaskinsMarketing & PR

Rockstar Games

Adam TedmanMarketing & PR
Amy SalzmanMarketing & PR
Corey WadeMarketing & PR
Jennifer KolbeMarketing & PR
Kevin HopkinsMarketing & PR
Terry DonovanMarketing & PR
Remedy would like to thank, acknowledge and credit the following for their help and support throughout the development of Max Payne
Above all is a huge thank you to Scott Miller and George Broussard for producing Max Payne, guiding and helping us in so many ways. Without them this would not have been possible.
Thanks to everyone at

3D Realms

Ludwig NeubergerThanks
Tom RinaldiThanks
Edwin Van PuffelenThanks
Mike AndersenThanks
Jani PenttinenThanks
Tim SweeneyThanks
All at
Hybrid (Support Company)
Housemarque (Support Company)
PRO-AV (Support Company)
Plenware (Support Company)
Tekes (Support Company)
Matti SihtoThanks
Satu ToivonenThanks
Kari KorhonenThanks
Outi Aalto-WahistedtThanks
The guys and gals at (Support Company)
Aki JärvilehtoThanks
Leena KuusiniemiThanks
Sanna YlirukaThanks
Pertti KainulainenThanks
Tanja MeskiThanks
Patric OjalaThanks
the 3DMark team
Ilkka KohoThanks
Jani JokiThanks
Tuuka TaipelvesiThanks
and many others who have helped us along the road
AMD (Support Company)
Michael GoddardThanks
Brad CraigThanks
Mats PeterssonThanks
Elias SlaterThanks
ATI (Support Company)
Rex SikoraThanks
Jeff RoyleThanks
Bitboys (Support Company)
Mika TuomiThanks
Juha TaipaleThanks
Creative (Support Company)
Andrea D'OrtaThanks
Daniel PeacockThanks
Imagination Technologies (Support Company)
Mark ButlerThanks
John HowsonThanks
Intel (Support Company)
Haim BaradThanks
Francois PiednoelThanks
Yohai MerzelThanks
Ronen ZoharThanks
Microsoft (Support Company)
Chas BoydThanks
Brian MarshallThanks
Mark KenworthyThanks
Nvidia (Support Company)
Mark DalyThanks
Ben de WaalThanks
Richard HuddyThanks
VIA/S3 (Support Company)
Raja KoduriThanks
ST Microelectronics (Support Company)
Joe KreinerThanks
ELSA (Support Company)
Martin HaufschildThanks
Ewa KirjavainenThanks
(thank you for ELSA GLADIAC 920:s)
Matrox (Support Company)
Donna St. DennisThanks
Juan GuardadoThanks
Allan ThifaultThanks
Dan WoodThanks
John SmithThanks
Jason Della RoccaThanks
TSI (Support Company)
Matthew BurtonThanks
Lori MezoffThanks
Andrea SchneiderThanks
Mike and Kevin for security and guidance in NYC
Le Corbusierfor inspiration in furniture design (Support Company)
Alvar Aaltofor inspiration in furniture design (Support Company)
Anne IsomursuThanks
Matti PyykköThanks
Tuomas JääskeläinenThanks
for source material from "Helsinki Graffiti"
Parturi-Kampaamo Kluuvi (Support Company)
Hanna HeikkilăThanks
for Max's hair
(Archive) id Software Inc. (Support Company)
Todd HollensheadThanks
for permission to use and modify their end user license agreement
Alan MurtaThanks
for use of his gpc library
Jonathan Richard ShewchukThanks
at University of California at Berkeley for use of his Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator©, Triangle, in Max-Ed
Markus KaarlonenThanks
Doug MyresIn memory of
Max Payne has only started his journey through the night.
The pain has only just begun.
More will follow.