Time until Mega Man 10 release!

Already released in North America [NA] on WiiWare

RegionTime leftPlatform
North America [NA]WiiWare
Europe [EU]WiiWare
Japan [JP]PlayStation 3
Japan [JP]WiiWare
Japan [JP]PlayStation Network
North America [NA]PlayStation 3
Europe [EU]PlayStation 3
North America [NA]PlayStation Network
Europe [EU]PlayStation Network
Worldwide [WW]Xbox Live Arcade



The 8-bit old-schoolers of the world have spoken. And boy, did they do so decisively. When Capcom released the NES-style Mega Man 9 back in 2008, they did it as a piece of one-off fan service, and no matter how good the game was (and it was very, very good), no one expected another 8-bit offering in the core series. And yet, here it is. Mega Man 10 can be found on WiiWare, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in all of its retro glory. And, it, too, is very good.