Mega Man 10

The 8-bit old-schoolers of the world have spoken. And boy, did they do so decisively. When Capcom released the NES-style Mega Man 9 back in 2008, they did it as a piece of one-off fan service, and no matter how good the game was (and it ...

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Review: randomfellow12's review of Mega Man 10

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Amazing additon to the Mega Man line-up, the flow can be a bit weird but it's still a fun time. Good amount of replayability and another nice ode to 8-bit platformers of yester-year. A 'modern' retro classic. Not quite as good as 9 but still a great game.

Positive points
  • Boss Fights were mostly great (Except for that goddamn block devil)
  • Delivery and Graphics are great
  • Multiple Playable Characters
  • Soundtrack kicks ass.
Negative points
  • Gimmicky stages
  • Occasional akward designs
  • Weapons are a mixed bag


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