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Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

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Genre: Strategy

Platforms: Game Boy Advance, WonderSwan Color, Wii U, Virtual Console (Nintendo)

Battle-focused installment in the Mega Man (Rockman) franchise. Bring it On... Rise to the Challenge! Face off against your opponents, 4arn new battle cards and chips and power 'em up, and test your skills in cool new battle scenes and prepare for the ultimate battle for "Net Domination" in the Battle Chip Grand Prix. Choose familiar characters from the Battle Network universe—including Mega Man and Guts Man, meet an all new N... Read More

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From the wikia:
"A new netbattling tournament has opened for the world, called the Battle Chip GP. Yai Ayanokoji is sponsoring the event while the others enter it. Even Eugene Chaud enters the tournament, but only for official business. It turns out that there is some type of new organization behind the scenes of the tournament who will delete the winning NetNavi and take its data for themselves. Will Lan Hikari and friends be able to stop whoever is behind these threats?"