Time until Mega Man IV release day!

Please note, this is a countdown to the release day. The actual hour can vary.

Already released in Japan [JP] on Game Boy

RegionTime left until release dayPlatform
Japan [JP]Game Boy
North America [NA]Game Boy
Europe [EU]Game Boy
Japan [JP]Nintendo 3DS
Japan [JP]Virtual Console (Nintendo)
North America [NA]Nintendo 3DS
North America [NA]Virtual Console (Nintendo)
Europe [EU]Virtual Console (Nintendo)
Europe [EU]Nintendo 3DS
Australia [AU]Virtual Console (Nintendo)


A huge celebration at the World Robot Expo is shattered by the sight of a flying saucer streaking across the sky. But instead of holding little green men, this saucer holds one very mad scientist! Armed with a mind control machine that transmits a sinister signal. Dr. Wily is ready to mesmerize all the robots of the city into an army of mindless metallic mercenaries! Battling the effects of Wily's mind control machine, Mega Man and his robotic... Read More

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