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Brendo's Mega Man X Review [5.0/10]

Brendo created

I'm going to preface this by saying that I did not finish this game. I got pretty close though; I got to the third stage of the Sigma Fortress before deciding that I did not want to waste any more time playing a game that I knew I wasn't really enjoying. GAMEPLAY: Oh boy, where do I start. The game is formulaic. Everybody who knows about the...

Trtreibers Review [8.0/10]

Trtreiber created

Very colorful, good music, fast paced, though a little "dated" at this point with the whole "Mega Man" formula where you have to go through all the bosses again. Also fairly difficult at some points, more than I remembered- pretty great game overall though- stupid passwords system as well FYI. Score Breakdown "The Tale" Story- 7 Pacing- 8 Cha...