Time until Menace release!

Already released in Europe [EU] on Amiga

RegionTime leftPlatform
Europe [EU]Amiga
North America [NA]PC DOS
Europe [EU]Commodore C64/128
North America [NA]Atari ST/STE



This is a pure arcade game- a fast action packed journey through six very different worlds where lightning fast reflexes and furious fire button action are your only hope of survival.

Your mission orders are simple, you must destroy the planet Draconia. In theory possible, in practice...

The planet Draconia, an unnatural planet, has been formed over many centuries by six of the most feared rulers that have ever existed. These rulers, exiled from their home galaxy, have ravaged and plundered space, using the worlds they have destroyed and the life forms they have created to build this planet of fear and death.

Now an end must be put to their reign of terror. A large scale attack will prove too costly to our space fleets, Draconia has many orbiting defence systems, the sacrifice may be in thousands of lives. A single fighter craft, approaching undetected, may have a chance to avenge those who have perished, by destroying Draconia. You have that chance...