How many days until Merchant release date?

Game is already released

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In Merchant the real world is your playing field. You can build a lumberjack cabin at your home address and a stone quarry where you work - then go for an iron mine in your favorite bar. Features: * The real world is the playing field of Merchant. Claim locations you visit often and build settlements that produce the commodities you want to trade in. * Upgrade your settlements: choose from over 50 different buildings each with their own special abilities. * Expand your caravan as you get richer. Buy more wagons and hire specialists like a thief or a carrier. * Explore the world and discover over 40 different kind of land types, from thick jungles, to deserts, to extinct volcanoes. * Find rare commodities on your trips, bring them home and sell them for a profit. * Connect with your friends who play Merchant using Game Center. * Attack or conquer by culture to become more powerful. * Become Knight, Count, Duke or Prince and rule the city you live in, or even the state or the country.