Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Reviews

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Ghobies Review [7.0/10]

Ghoby created

This had to potential to be a truly astounding hack-'n-slash, but, ironically, its Metal Gear DNA stops it from reaching the exorbitant highs it could have easily reached! Whenever the game has to stop it's anime ridiculousness to vainly and superficially preach on the dangers of systematic war, it does so with none of the flair and elegance tha...

TheFredobars Review [8.0/10]

TheFredobar created

This game couldve been so great. Its basically an insane anime. The combat is deep and unique and the animations are awesome, the characters and plot really grabbed me. But it doesnt explain the combat at all. Its probably got a lot to do with me never normally playing this style of game but I felt like I was battering my head against a wall try...