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DJSharpeCheddars Review [7.0/10]

DJSharpeCheddar created

A minor disappointment, despite retaining the same wonderful framework from the previous two entries. The heavy human cost of developing all the gorgeous artwork for these games seems to have caught up with development a little bit, as this one definitely reuses more ideas and assets from METAL SLUG 2 than that game did from the original. Seein...

Trtreibers Review [8.0/10]

Trtreiber created

(Based on Arcade version) So the only glaring problem with this game is that it is WAAAAAY too f****** long. It just kept GOING and GOING, but of course it looked and sounded great- plus they changed up the fighting to be more against monsters and zombies which was fun. SOOO expensive to play and beat though. Score Breakdown "The Tale" Story...