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Baikerus Review

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I found this game last night on Xbox Game Pass. It's the first game in the series I've ever played. I'm only six missions in (not sure how many there are, but it still feels like I'm at the beginning), and I already really like it. I've always loved stealth games, and this feels like a "real" stealth game. Like, I feel like everything I do matters. I also love how it's not a game that forces you to run in guns blazing. In fact, it practically discourages it. Your bullets are also your currency. So you can shoot the place up, or you can save your ammo to use on purchasing better stuff. This way, it makes stealth the best option.

Positive points
  • Great stealth mechanics, you don't have to have played the previous game to understand what's going on
Negative points
  • Sometimes, when you're discovered and the enemies start surrounding you, it can get a little disorienting, causing you to die in the confusion

Total score