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DiogoMoratoMagalhães Review [8.0/10]

DiogoMoratoMagalhães created

This is truly a great game. Great story and very captivating. This game gives you a sense of dread and immerses you into a beautifully dark and grim world. The shooter aspect is also very satisfying forcing you to manage bullets much more true to the world you play in.

RoleplayeRs Review [9.0/10]

RoleplayeR created

This is incredible surprise. I expected nothing of the game, because I've never played the previous part and have never read any books from this setting, and I came out of it knowing that I now need to play the first part and probably read some books after. This game is something that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. needed to be but failed at. Full of atmospher...