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Already released in North America [NA] on Game Boy

RegionTime leftPlatform
North America [NA]Game Boy
Europe [EU]Game Boy
Japan [JP]Game Boy



Mickey Goes After a Missing Present and the Culprit Who Swiped It!

Who's got Minnie's missing present? Big Bad Pete is the culprit! He swiped Minnie's present and spoiled the surprise. Now Mickey's after him, and the chase leads through some very dangerous places. Mickey meets barking bulldogs, slippery weasels, hairy tarantulas, and even worse critters. Tricks, traps, and collapsing escape routes make Mickey scurry. He scampers through his Hometown, into the Woods and up the Mountain. He chases Pete through a Factory and up to the Rooftops for a final showdown. Can you help Mickey stop Pete and get the missing present back? Better hurry!

-Mickey throws boxes at the bad guys while grabbing Stars and Prizes.

-A speedboat, jalopy, and bouquet of balloons add high fun to Mickey's chase.