Time until Micro Machines V3 release!

Already released in Europe [EU] on PlayStation

RegionTime leftPlatform
Europe [EU]PlayStation
North America [NA]PlayStation
Japan [JP]PlayStation
Europe [EU]PC (Microsoft Windows)
North America [NA]Game Boy Color
Europe [EU]Game Boy Color



Micro Machines V3 takes the immensely popular miniature-scale racing series to a new level by adding weapons and power-ups to the fray. Now you can grab turbo charges for bursts of speed or blast away opponents with grenades and force-fields. For the first time on a portable system you can still drive all of your favorite Micro Machines vehicles on all the classic tracks such as the pool tale and sand-box, but now you can do it with an attitude! Features 48 courses - breakfast table, school desk, science lab, beach, restaurant, garden, pool table, etc. Power-ups to blitz the opposition include: hammer, mines, force-field, etc. Collect, test and gamble special prize cars for up to 32 vehicles -- including monster trucks, transmutable cars, futuristic cars which are all faster than before.