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Already released in undefined on PC DOS

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Sega CD
FM Towns
3DO Interactive Multiplayer
Amiga CD32



Time is running out for the corporate mogul Tiron Korsby. A microscopic probe has been injected into his bloodstream by corporate rival Axiom Corporation. A probe that with every beat of his heart is cruising towards his brain to execute it's diabolical mission: total mind control.

Your mission: track down and destroy the probe. Using the latest in micro-submersible equipment, you'll course throughout the strange and menacing world of the veins, arteries and organs inside the body heading for the final confrontation with the "Gray M" probe. Microcosm blows apart the barriers between movies and computer software.

It's a movie packed with furiously addictive gameplay, or a game with visuals to match anything Hollywood can produce? With Microcosm you have the best of both worlds.