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JustLukas Review [8.0/10]

JustLukas created

I did not fall in love with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor initially. Admittedly, it seemed too hard at first: this is one of those games whose core mechanic is dying a lot at first. Dying is a part of the game. However, once you learn the combat, the controls, gain various abilities, and upgrade your character more, it becomes easier and much m...

joalllucas Review [9.0/10]

joalllucas created

Shadow of Mordor é um jogo completo. A escolha de uma aventura em mundo aberto caiu muito bem nesse título, tendo em vista os inúmeros rumos que o jogador pode tomar. A mecânica não é complexa de se aprender e os controles são simples, encaixando perfeitamente na dificuldade do jogo. Esse é um título para todos os gostos, pois existem missões do...

DarkYudeXes Review [6.0/10]

DarkYudeX created

Really too repetitive to make me play it for more than 4 hours.

Trtreibers Review [8.0/10]

Trtreiber created

Super fun gameplay, the story was whatever but damn was it satisfying to kind of play it how I wanted. Though I will admit that it abruptly ended fur sure. Nice experience though, like a more brutal Assassin's Creed. Score Breakdown "The Tale" Story- 4 Pacing- 5 Characters- 5 Originality- 7 Linearity- 9 Length- 10 Epicness- 8 "The Presentati...

Baikerus Review [6.0/10]

Baikeru created

Every few months or so I give this game another chance. Most recently a couple weeks ago. Don't get me wrong, I can totally see a good game here, and I really want to love this game. But the difficulty is far too high. I can't even get through the first area. Every time you are killed by an orc, they rank up. If you die too much while still a lo...

pafgs Review [5.0/10]

pafg created

Honestly i didn't like it at all. Played around 8 hours and quit. Mainly because the objectives are confusing, the open world is there but you can't really use it because if you do you'll run into stronger enemies who will surround and kill you after 3 hits (where's the health bar ffs??), this would be normal but it´s not because with your death...

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Written Review [7.8/10]

abloobudoo009 created

The main feature in ME:SOM is its Nemesis System, and it hits it right on the forge. Uruks rise to power and your objective is to liquidate them of their rank. The twist is that when you die, the same Orc that killed you will get promoted, and eventually even become a captain. Then, when you go back to get your revenge kill, you’ll cross blades ...

Familiar combat gameplay with a unique nemesis system [8.0/10]

NyanPrime created

Familiar combat gameplay with a unique nemesis system. The result is very entertaining, albeit unpolished. Combat and movement works for the most part, but malfunctions in frustrating ways from time to time.