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NEOYEMMs Review [7.0/10]

NEOYEMM created

A pesar de que los gráficos son magníficos para ser de primera generación (en la actual generación), Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor tiene debilidades evidentes, como la carencia de desarrollo de personajes, la repetición de misiones secundarias y el reciclaje de jefes, cosa que se olvida fácilmente porque el sistema Némesis hace que sea divertid...

JustLukas Review [8.0/10]

JustLukas created

I did not fall in love with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor initially. Admittedly, it seemed too hard at first: this is one of those games whose core mechanic is dying a lot at first. Dying is a part of the game. However, once you learn the combat, the controls, gain various abilities, and upgrade your character more, it becomes easier and much m...

joalllucas Review [9.0/10]

joalllucas created

Shadow of Mordor é um jogo completo. A escolha de uma aventura em mundo aberto caiu muito bem nesse título, tendo em vista os inúmeros rumos que o jogador pode tomar. A mecânica não é complexa de se aprender e os controles são simples, encaixando perfeitamente na dificuldade do jogo. Esse é um título para todos os gostos, pois existem missões do...

Baikerus Review [6.0/10]

Baikeru created

Every few months or so I give this game another chance. Most recently a couple weeks ago. Don't get me wrong, I can totally see a good game here, and I really want to love this game. But the difficulty is far too high. I can't even get through the first area. Every time you are killed by an orc, they rank up. If you die too much while still a lo...

Familiar combat gameplay with a unique nemesis system [8.0/10]

NyanPrime created

Familiar combat gameplay with a unique nemesis system. The result is very entertaining, albeit unpolished. Combat and movement works for the most part, but malfunctions in frustrating ways from time to time.