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Durneztjs Review [10.0/10]

Durneztj created

Been playing since alpha release where it was just playable in the browser on a sandbox mode only. Still playing it to this day on Java version only and still baffles me with the possibilities after every content update.

eeyoficials Review [10.0/10]

eeyoficial created

its a fun game.No matter what i come always back to this game.

anthonykurilkos Review [9.0/10]

anthonykurilko created

This game is good! I know about this game in 2014! But play in it in 2016!

Oreox4s Review [9.0/10]

Oreox4 created

I grew up with this game. It's actually crazy how it's changed over the years. The updates keep it fresh, and it's a very fun and enjoyable game to play. The gameplay is so simple but the concept is super great. -1 for server issues. Other than that, it's perfect for it's classic gamemode, survival.

Where do I begin with a game this legendary? [8.6/10]

ZUPERFLY created

Minecraft is great. It is a legendary game. It doesn't really have a story. I played the Xbox 360 edition so forgive me if they added more PC stuff. BUt the story is find the End Dragon. Kill the End Dragon. Which is optional. It's all how you want to handle the game. This game has two modes. Survival and Creative. Survival mode is where th...

ultrarelativistics Review [10.0/10]

ultrarelativistic created

Incredible, waiting for someone to write a finite element analysis block so we can use it to solve problems for homework!!!

Paninist71s Review [10.0/10]

Paninist71 created

Greatest game of all time. Period. A true sandbox game where you can do anything