Minna no Radio Controlled GP + Variety Set Press kit


Release Date:

Nintendo Switch



Minna no Radio Controlled GP
Introducing a radio-controlled game that you can enjoy with easy operation! Let's share Joy-Cons and get excited with up to 6 people!

Includes over 120 types of cars including buggies, rallies, formulas, and trucks!

Let's enjoy two-wheeled driving with a motorcycle-type radio control!

Let's capture the on-road and off-road courses!

You can create your own machines and courses! Let's enjoy the race to your heart's content with the freely assembled machine and your own course!

Bokura no Dai Undoukai
The long-awaited opening of our big athletic meet! Let's have fun competing together!

From familiar events at the athletic meets to slightly unusual events. Introducing a competitive/cooperative party game that can be enjoyed by up to 4 players!

In addition to playing alone, all players are on the same team, separate teams, and 2vs2 battles, etc. Various ways to play are available!

From the classic "tug of war" and "ball case" to the flower-shaped "relay", play all events and compete for victory in [Large Athletic Meet] mode.

Let's enjoy the development that makes you sweat!

Tsukue de Basuke
Your desk is the court! Dribble, shoot, and dunk your way to victory!

Enjoy basketball with easy-to-learn controls!

Enjoy all kinds of stages! From factories to amusement parks!

Customize your team and dunk on your friends!



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