Time until Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord release day!

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Already released in Japan [JP] on Sharp X1

RegionTime left until release dayPlatform
Japan [JP]Sharp X1
Japan [JP]MSX
Japan [JP]Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Japan [JP]Sega Master System
North America [NA]Sega Master System


Japanese RPG. Two editions exist, one for the MSX1 on cartridge, and one for the MSX2 on 3.5" diskette. The seal of the Dark Lord Terarin has been broken and Terarin has been unleashed into the world again. She has stolen the Golden Seal and opened pandora's box, unleashing evil creatures into the world. A young hero is tasked by a king to stop Terarin. He must step into footsteps of Iason, a shepherd that once accidentally unleashed Terarin a... Read More

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