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This platform game features Momoko, a young Japanese girl who ages by several years each time the player reaches the next level. The goal for each level is to quickly climb several floors by escalator, ladder, or trampoline in the building she is in before the fire that is below her reaches her. These level settings start out from grade school settings to office type buildings. While jumping over obstacles, she must shoot various alien-like enemies that come after her on each floor. She can upgrade her weapon by destroying certain enemies as well as entering special hidden doorways which feature minigames which require you to jump obstacles. These doorways can also be used as a short-cut, and sometimes they are mandatory to be used in order to climb to the next floor. When Momoko reaches the top floor of a level, she must jump onto a small blimp flying above her to beat the level. Momoko begins as a four-year-old and ages through five levels. The final level is a bonus chance in which she is a twenty-year-old bride collecting items - the game concludes with her getting married, thus giving birth to a new Momoko and starting the cycle anew.

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